Quality Time with my Collagen Cosmetics Memebox: a Superbox #33 Review

As mentioned in a previous post, this was the first Memebox that grabbed my attention and fostered in me a rabid desire nothing else seems to satiate. I’ve now had a couple of weeks with the Collagen box and wanted to share my impressions so far.

To start off, what peaked my interest in this particular box was the distressing knowledge that the loss and breakdown of collagen in the dermal layer of skin is partially responsible for our losing elasticity and firmness as we age; leading to thinning skin, wrinkles, and sagging. Collagen is our structural support. All I can picture are the Doozers and their sticks from Fraggle Rock – all lovingly and mindfully constructed into our perfect skin and then age comes along like an awful, heedless Fraggle and just ravishes the lot.


What, you don’t think of your skincare in terms of 80s children’s tv? Moving on.

Here is how Memebox described this box:

Did you know that collagen production, the main protein responsible for keeping skin firm and supple, slows downs as soon as you hit your early 20s? DUN-DUN-DUN!

No worries because we’ve got the Collagen Box to stop sagging skin and wrinkles in its tracks! Our box is filled with collagen infused products which are clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and our fast acting formulas fight the loss of resilience in skin and plumps skin by supporting collagen production.

It is safe to say that you can never do with too many collagen-enriched products; they illuminate and firm the skin, fill up any fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scars, all while helping to maintain perfect elasticity.

Here’s the thing though – collagen within a skincare product doesn’t have any affect on our collagen production. I know! I can’t believe this relationship is beginning with lies. The collagen molecule is too large to be absorbed and we must use other means if we want to naturally boost what age diminishes. However, collagen is an amazing moisturizing ingredient. It holds the skin’s natural hydration and keeps it looking soft and plump. My preference is to look plump in this context rather than others. My skin was in desperate need of some rehydration so I happily parted with my $42 (including standard shipping) – 14 days later, my goodies were in hand!

The beginning of the end.
The beginning of the end.

The first thing that struck me was the heavenly aroma wafting out of the box as I opened it. I knew this was going to be the start of something very special.

Item #1: Ramosu Carestory Collagen Extract 100, 10ml (RV $36)

From Memebox:

Infused with over 17 different amino acids, this 100% concentrated Collagen Ampoule will deliver intense hydration and facilitate cell regeneration for more supple and firmed up baby-skin. Also, it doesn’t smell or feel sticky like your average collagen products, and instead it glides onto the skin refreshingly. Experience the wonders of the real Collagen Ampoule currently being used in Korean aesthetic beauty salons.

Impressions: Amino acids! This was exciting because those are proteins that actually CAN boost collagen production. True to the description, this ampoule is neither sticky or stinky. It absorbs very quickly and without residue. Memebox instructions state to use a couple of drops, but I’ve been using at least five to get full coverage on my face.

Item #2: Dermahouse Collagen Firming Cream, 30ml (RV $29)

From Memebox:

The abundant collagen, shea butter, and mango shea butter ingredients in the Collage Firming Cream work to lock in moisture and deliver beneficial nutrients deep down into your skin. With continuous use, you’ll experience disappearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improvement in the skin texture and clarity.

Impressions: The last sentence there struck me as somewhat dubious. While incredibly moisturizing, I just don’t see which ingredients could possibly lend themselves to delivering on those claims or the “firming” reference in the name. I initially really liked the hydrating qualities of this product, but quickly realized that it was too heavy for my combination skin. Within a couple of hours of application, my forehead would be gleaming rather than glowing. I plan to either try this again in the winter or just use it on my neck and body rather than face.

Item #3: Dewytree Real Collagen Nutrition Serum, 50ml (RV $39)

From Memebox:

A deeply moisturizing and nourishing facial serum infused with high concentrates of collagen, Dewytree’s popular Real Collagen Nutrition Serum treats enlarged pores, sagging skin, and signs of aging with its highly moist and nutritious formula which instigate skin regeneration and renewal.

Impressions: Ahhh this was the source of that glorious smell. That alone made me instantly fall in love with this product. In addition to the collagen, it contains hyaluronic acid, trehalose and argan oil. Again, not 100% sold on the aforementioned claims, but this product has certainly kept my skin bright and feeling nourished. It has a beautifully light texture that absorbs well, and lovely packaging.

Item #4: 3W Clinic Collagen Make-up Base, 50ml (RV $30)

From Memebox:

This silicon type Collagen Make-up Base contains blemish-control powder components for matting out and preparing the skin condition before foundation application. The high level of adherence and long-lasting formula helps maintain your makeup silky smooth all day long.

Impressions: Very nice make-up base that aids in hydration and dries to a powder finish. I’m a big fan of the greenish tone to counteract any redness in the skin. It definitely helps to keep my makeup where it should be, but I’ve also used it on its own when I didn’t want to wear makeup, but still desired that little bit of blemish control and an even skin tone. My one complaint is that I’ve learned to be incredibly careful when dispensing this product because it really just wants to all come out to party.

Item # 5: The Skin House Wrinkle Collagen Free Spot, 30ml (RV $28)

From Memebox:

This wrinkle-care product is packed with collagen and adenosine components for delivering deep, intense nourishment to the skin and nullify the signs of aging by filling in between fine lines and wrinkles. This is not an eye-only cream; it can be applied anywhere else on your skin with visible lines and wrinkles.

Impressions: Adenosine! Another exciting ingredient. I’ve recently read an overview of a study expounding on the benefits of adenosine in the diminishment of wrinkles. While I have essentially no wrinkles to speak of, I do believe in taking preventative measures! So I can’t speak too much as to the effectiveness of this product, but no wrinkles have developed since I began using it It has a wonderfully rich consistency and I really like that it’s not just an eye cream, but can be used on any problem areas.

Item $6: abelle So Hot-Burning Concentrate Ampoule, 20ml (RV $24)

From Memebox:

A unique hair ampoule that warms up all by itself and absorbs deeply into your hair, this highly concentrated ampoule is made from E.G.F, hydrolyzed keratin, hydrolyzed collagen, and hydrolyzed silk which all work to strengthen the hair cuticle and make your hair shine with a natural glow.

Impressions: I am very intrigued by this product, as it seems an excellent deep-conditioning treatment. However, the logistics of shampooing and rinsing my hair, then applying this along with a shower cap and “resting” for 15 minutes just escape me. Do I get out of the shower? Do I just make myself comfortable? This probably shouldn’t be that complicated and I do plan to try this product once I figure it out and have time for an extended shower sesh.

Overall Impressions

The full retail value of this box – as told by Memebox – is $186. Even leaving room for inflation, this box is an excellent value. I have been using almost all the products in it and will continue to do so. While I wasn’t thrilled that Memebox was somewhat perpetuating the myth that collagen products might restore or bolster the production of our own, naturally-occurring collagen, they included products with some other ingredients that may actually aid in this regard. Overall, I’m quite happy with my first box and look forward to the many I have in queue!

Go on, give it a go!

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