All Up In My Face: a Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush Review

I have a blush problem. Well, I don’t see it as a problem, and therein lies the rub. I have many and am easily enchanted by any sweet, new thing that comes along. When you’re talking $30 blush though, enchantment only takes you so far. Lovely as this looked, I wasn’t running out to purchase it.
However, I happen to belong to a number of Makeup Sale and Swap groups on FB and I couldn’t let a good deal go by. I ended up picking this up along with the Lorac Pro 2 (both new) for a very deep discount. Getting a bargain really makes hoarding makeup that much sweeter I feel like I should add a caveat here that you really need to do your homework and ensure what you’re purchasing is authentic and also not a dumpster dive find (ew). Ask questions, ALWAYS get invoiced through PayPal so that you have recourse if something goes awry, and scan UPCs upon receipt. I’ve only had excellent experiences, to date, but there are certainly instances of things going wrong so, caveat emptor! (buyer beware)
Ok, now on to the main attraction

too faced sweethearts blush

This lovely comes in three varieties: Candy Glow, Peach Beach, and Something About Berry. They are a baked, tri-toned blush, packaged inside a cardboard heart. I mean, adorable. I went for the Candy Glow flavor because I loved the look of the peachy, pinky tones and I had a feeling this would suit my fair complexion.

Here it is, looking all seductive in candlelight.

Looking at this blush inside the packaging, it certainly has a luster to it. So much so that I had a feeling this would only be suitable for the Spring and Summer months because there’s something about wearing sparkly pink in the Winter that just doesn’t feel right. Oh, but how wrong I was.

photo 3

These colors swatched so sweet and tenderly, I had to have a moment. There was none of the heavy sparkle you might have expected after viewing the product inside the packaging. When you swish through all the colors with your brush and apply, you are left with a glowing, buildable flush to your cheeks that looks incredibly natural. This blush is also roomy enough that you can pick and choose colors, if you so desire, using them as either a blush or highlight.

photo 4
WARNING: this photo contains little other makeup beyond the blush. Ok, it’s more of a humblebrag because I look goooood Jokes!

It’s the sort of healthy, bright, youthful look that you can most definitely sport year-round.
Can you even tell I’m wearing blush? You may be hard-pressed! And that’s kind of the point. While I chose this variety based on my skin tone, I truly feel that the dimensional affect you get from combining the different tones creates a color that’s basically universal and suitable for a variety of complexions.

Candy Glow was my gateway drug and I now find myself in need of the other varieties, Peach Beach in particular. Can you imagine the gorgeousness over a bit of (fake) color in the Summer? [I only do fake when it comes to tanning and mah face]

When you consider that this is a blush you can wear daily and likely never run out of, the $30 price tag doesn’t seem so far-fetched. Or I may just be preemptively justifying my imminent purchase

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