Descent into the K-Hole: My Hard and Fast Love-affair with a Korean Beauty Box

It all happened so fast.

The buzz in the world of beauty lately has been all about subscription boxes. Ipsy, Birchbox, Glossybox, Beauty Fix… the possibilities are endless. Never being one to act impulsively with so much qualitative data at my disposal, I took my time to ensure I chose the perfect one for me. And then… into my life came, Memebox.

My first taste of Korea’s number-one, online beauty retailer came while exploring another blog: A Year of Boxes’ “Memebox SuperBox #33 Collagen” review. My excitement as I read this review was palatable and only grew as I went on the Memebox site and found this Collage box to still be available (alas, it is now sold out). Of course, I snagged it on the spot… in addition to two others: Anti-Aging 3 and Global #17. Since then six… SIX more boxes have been purchased and are being eagerly anticipated. Do I have a problem? More than likely. But how can something so right ever be wrong?

The beauty (pun intended) of this service is multi-faceted:

  • you don’t have to sign on for a monthly subscription. Boxes are released continuously and you can purchase as many or as few as appeal to you, at any time (though many sell out fast!)
  • unlike other subscriptions, you aren’t entirely blind as to what you might receive in each box. Memeboxes have themes, though the overall content is typically a surprise (which I think is wonderful – who doesn’t love presents?! Even if you did buy them yourself. Let me be the first to say – you deserve it!) So, to a degree, you can still personalize your purchase based on interests and needs.
  • Asian cosmetics are seemingly much more effective than American brands. Just a basic review of ingredients in their products demonstrates this, but I’ve already found it to be the case in my own, brief experience.
  • also unlike most other subscriptions, with Memebox, you receive mostly FULL-SIZED products. This was the thing that really pulled me in. The value you receive for your investment is just incredible – even if Memebox inflates RTV.

In future posts, I am very excited to bring you unboxings and reviews of these products. I encourage you to check out Memebox for yourself and let me know your thoughts… or prior experience, since I know many of you would likely consider me late to the party 😉


20 thoughts on “Descent into the K-Hole: My Hard and Fast Love-affair with a Korean Beauty Box

  1. Welcome to your Memeadventure! I have been buying Memeboxes since March, when there was much less to choose from and they all sold out straight away. To be honest, the quality goes up and down. Right now they seem to be in a pretty good phase. Back in June/July there was a $15 code plus you could get $10 just for signing up, so lots of people were making multiple accounts and getting boxes practically for free. But a lot of those boxes turned out not to be great, hence a lot of recent box reviews had been less positive.

    In general I would say that the more vague the theme, the worse the box. If they can throw any old stuff in there then they will. And don’t believe anything you read in the box descriptions as they are more often wrong than right. The best boxes tend to be either numbered global boxes, focused on a narrower theme or centred around a specific ingredient. Hopefully you’ve got some great boxes on their way to you.

    Sorry for the Meme-essay! Good luck with your blog!

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    • Thanks Joanne! No apologies needed – I appreciate all the background and excellent advice! The only box I’m unsure of is Luckybox #10. Having checked out the prior versions, I thought it worth taking a chance on that one. Otherwise, I’m pretty much sticking to exactly what you’ve described.


      • A Luckybox is a good choice if you are new to Memebox and you like what you’ve seen in previous luckyboxes as they are very likely to be repeated. Just don’t believe it when Memebox says these are the “best loved” or whatever products from previous boxes – it isn’t the best of previous boxes, it’s the stuff they have left over. Unlike other boxes, they never discount luckyboxes, which is a sign that they are pretty good.


      • I think you absolutely hit the nail on the head. The Thumbs Up box may be more apt to include the best-loved products (really curious to see if that’s the case) and with this one I’m guessing the name really says it all – it’s the luck of the draw from what they have left over and you may be fortunate enough to get something you like! The variety was really the main draw for me since all the other boxes were fairly theme-specific. That’s a great point about the discounts. You’ve really broken the Memebox code, it seems! 😉


    • Thanks Nora!
      I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with those boxes and look forward to reading your reviews! That’s part of the fun with these blogs because, much as we’d love to, we can’t have them all and it’s nice to be able to live vicariously 🙂

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    • Of course I had to check your blog to see which box that was. Luckybox #9 was what convinced me to order #10! I otherwise stuck to more specific-themed boxes, but just loved the variety in this one. Hopefully the follow-up doesn’t disappoint!
      It truly is addictive, but there’s so much to draw you in. Not just the fantastic price and products, but also the community that seems to have flourished around the brand. I look forward to reading more of your posts 🙂


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