All Up In My Face: A Dewytree Black Sheet Mask Review

Until a few of weeks ago, the term “sheet mask” was not in my vocabulary. But as with any good relationship, Memebox brought new and wondrous things into my life. While I have tried other brands of sheet masks, I wanted to focus this entry on my first purchase from the Memeshop: a variety of Dewytree Black Sheet Masks. These masks were a winner of Marie Claire Korea’s Smart Beauty Award in 2013. How can I resist that kind of resounding recommendation? I’m also intrigued by all things Dewytree having loved their serum from my Collagen Cosmetics Memebox. My parcel arrived quite quickly – a total of 4 weekdays from purchase – and the package was adorable.

Exhibit A.

Exhibit A.

I love the hot pink MEMEBOX tape, pink packing peanuts (I don’t know why this pleases me, but it does), and sample goodies! In addition to my masks, I received three packets of Missha BB Cream, a postcard, and sticker. I’m pretty tempted to actually put the latter on my car, so that my fellow Memebox addicts and I can spot each other in the wild.

Ok, on to the masks! I picked up two of each variety: Honey Moist, Deep Detox, Ginseng Nutritious, and Premium Syn-ake.

Honey Moist Black Mask (30g, RV $3)
Can be purchased on Amazon

A soft, ultra-moisturizing black facial mask containing Brassica campestris honey from Jeju Island. Ideal for dry skin. Immediately moisturizes skin with honey ingredient, removes impurities and dead cells

Thoughts: I had recently purchased Lanocreme Manuka Honey Face Masks from New Zealand and am very eager to see how these compare. This seems like a mask that will address a number of my skin issues, particularly as it gets colder and drier here.

Experience: I had very high hopes – particularly considering how much people seem to love these masks – and maybe this will be blasphemy to some of them, but I just did not love this one. It may have been my experience with the Lanocreme mask that spoiled me because I couldn’t help but to compare the two since they both listed honey as the “main” ingredient (more on that later) and aimed at hydration. Upon opening the package, the stark differences hit you. Whereas the Lanocreme sheet is saturated in a sumptuous white cream that stays put throughout face time, the serum on the Honey Moist Mask was much more liquid – almost ampoule-like – which initially gave me some hope even though it was kind of messy. But then I reviewed the ingredients :/ The first four are Water, Glycerin, Butelene Glycol, and ALCOHOL. Anything honey-related doesn’t come along until ingredient #11. My hope was quickly waning (alcohol in a hydrating product??), but I persevered. I left the mask on for about 30 minutes and certainly wouldn’t say that the results were awful, but meh might be appropriate. The Lanocreme Manuka Honey Mask left my face feeling amazingly soft and hydrated, and my pores tight. The whole experience felt luxurious. In comparison, the Dewytree Honey Moist Black Mask reminded me of the typically American product fair – I guess I look more… moist now? I will be following up with a more extensive review of what is obviously the better product, but here is a photo, for reference:

My one and only.

My one and only ❤

Deep Detox Black Mask (30g, RV $3)
Can be purchased on Amazon

Digs deep into pores and absorbs impurities, removes dead skin cells, controls excess sebum, improves skin elasticity. Contains JEJU Volanic Ash Clay, Charcoal powder, Papaya extract, Grapefruit extract, Walnut shell powder, Centella Asiatica Extract

Thoughts: Again, this mask is hitting some of my trouble spots, so I am excited to see what it can do. I’m also eager to compare this one to another Volcanic Ash Mask that I’ve really grown to love: the Spa Life Hydrating Facial Mask with Volcanic Ash + CoQ10. I have now tried this mask and am happy to report the experience was much more pleasurable than with the Honey Moist variety. After removal, it was evident that it had cleared out some impurities and it also left my face glowing. The serum absorbed well and fairly quickly, so my face wasn’t totally saturated after the 30 minutes or so that I left it on. I did keep myself busy while the remainder of the serum absorbed and then went on with my nightly routine. In comparison to the Spa Life Volcanic Ash mask, I must admit that I still prefer the Spa Life a bit more, but would happily purchase this one again.

Ginseng Nutritious Black Mask (30g, RV $3)
Can be purchased on Amazon

 Nourishes skin with ingredients for resilience and vitality, soothes and brightens skin, removes impurities and dead cells, strengthens skin elasticity. Contains Ginseng root extract, Ginkgo Bioba Leaf extract, Betaine, Trehalose, Hydrolyzed Collagen

Thoughts: I have a point of reference for this one as well, having tried the Naisture Ginseng Mask. I wouldn’t say that I adored that one as much as the others mentioned above, so I was very curious to see how this one stacked up. Unfortunately, this contest was too close to call. This mask was quite nice and left my skin hydrated, though I would be hard-pressed to see evidence of the brightening and skin-clearing properties the mask lauded. I did enjoy the mask overall and was reminded again as to how much I like the fit of these. The Detox variety remains my favorite and, in my opinion, the stand-out of the line. 

Premium Syn-ake Black Mask (30g, RV $3)
Can be purchased on Amazon

Smooth out wrinkles, restores fullness to aging skin, removes impurities and dead cells, brightens skin tone. Contains Syn-Ake (peptide found in the venom of snake), Caviar, Centella Asiatica Extract, Adenosine 

Thoughts: Anti-aging cosmetics are often hard to gauge. So much of their efficacy is dependent on their being a preventative measure, so it’s not as though you a mask such as this could provide any sort of visible results unless you choose to use one daily. I’m all for preventative measures though, so I happily slapped this baby on. I use a Syn-ake serum nightly and was pleased for this additional, concentrated dose of the stuff. Is it doing anything for me? I honestly have no idea. I don’t have visible wrinkles I can monitor. But it was a nice enough mask that left my face feeling hydrated looking slightly brighter.


There are a few things I like about this line and those are the fun/black sheet color, the excellent fit, and the Detox mask. Since only 1 out of 3 has anything to do with the efficacy of the masks, I think the bottom line here is grab the Detox or skip it entirely. I have tried other masks (some of which are noted above and others I will be reviewing in the near future) that are more worthwhile of your time and money.


9 thoughts on “All Up In My Face: A Dewytree Black Sheet Mask Review

  1. I haven’t tried these but I’m pretty interested in that honey moist one. Sometimes “energizing” or “clarifying” ones make my skin upset, so I’m all about the moist. Looking forward to seeing your review!


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