Quality Time with my Anti-Aging 3 Memebox: a Superbox #50 Unboxing & Review

I write this from my sickbed where this lovely box was just hand-delivered to me by my even lovelier husband who picked it up from the post office for me. Of course, it made me feel instantly better. Must have been the Tibetan Mushroom. It just sounds like it should have magical properties.

This was one of the first Memeboxes I had purchased, as anti-aging was a top priority when I determined to focus on myself and my skincare. I was not disappointed!

Yes, I'm opening and trying all this in bed.

Yes, I’m opening and trying all this in bed.

 The box contains six full-sized products. Let’s take a look at each one, shall we?

Pro You S Wrinkle SC Renewal Cream 

(100g, RV $96 – in the Memeshop currently for $56)

The regenerative power of EGF, peptides, and adenosine support natural cell renewal to improve skin structure and enhance the overall look of skin. Peptides nourish the skin and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles as firmness and elasticity are restored. Free of paraben, imidazolidinyl urea, triethanolamide, alcohol, and artificial coloring. Skin is left renewed, smoother, and more radiant. Contains adenosine, EGF, amino peptides, kerasgen.

Impressions: I very much like this cream’s texture. It’s well… creamy, without being heavy like the Dermahouse Collagen Firming Cream. The scent is a barely-there, fresh fragrance and it absorbs very well and quickly with a clean finish. I mentioned in my review of the Collagen Cosmetics Box that adenosine was my new jam. I’ve now very excited to see that listed as an ingredient in any of my products. This one also contains EGF – epidermal growth factor – which is said to stimulate cell growth. Peptides are the building blocks of proteins and one important protein that begins to break down as we age is collagen. Peptides can signal our body to begin producing collagen again. Yes, please! Kerasgen I’ve largely only seen used in Asian skincare and it’s supposed to help the skin restore it’s natural defenses and keep it looking supple. This truly reads like a powerhouse of ingredients and I’m very excited to begin using this cream regularly.

Pro You Lip & Eye Wrinkle Spot Cream

(15g, RV $30 – in the Memeshop currently for $18)

This product features a blend of powerful anti-aging ingredients created especially for the eye and lip areas. It helps to reduce the appearance of deep and fine eye wrinkles from the first application and diminishes the appearance of lines, crow’s feet, and other skin creases around the eyes and lips. Advanced technology leaves the delicate eye-area and lip-area looking firmer, softer, smoother, and years younger. Reduces the appearance of fines lines and wrinkles around the eye and lip areas. Contains adenosine, actiflow, and peptides.

Impressions: This item has a very unique applicator, so you squeeze out some product and then use the little pad to massage into the offending area. For me, this will fall into the preventative measures category. I’m quite eager to begin using it, even though I don’t yet have wrinkles or sagging (knock on wood). I do hope to keep it that way for a while and this should certainly help. We covered most of these ingredients above, but Actiflow was new to me. Apparently it’s rich in oligosaccharides purified from yeast and remodels the capillary network by stimulating the neovascularization and by increasing the capillary resistance. In plain English terms, I believe this is actually supposed to reduce the pooling that can lead to puffiness and bags. After researching this a bit, I will definitely be applying this to my under-eye area and seeing what happens. Stay tuned!

Pro You Multi White & Wrinkle Ampoule Dual Set

(2ml x 8ea, RV $48 – in Memeshop currently for $28)

This potent whitening and anti-wrinkle formula helps to restore the skin’s radiance and delivers a firmer, tighter, and more toned appearance. It also strengthens even the most fragile skin textures, softens facial contours, visibly minimizes fine lines and deep wrinkles, and unveils skin’s youthful radiance. This is a day & night ampoule set made for addressing different skincare issues – controlling sebum and enlarged pores during the day, and maintaining skin elasticity overnight. Both ampoules work to fight signs of aging with their adenosine-based formula for treating fine lines and wrinkles and offering a lifting effect to the skin.

Impressions: Unfortunately ingredient information for this item is lacking beyond the fact that the ampoules are adenosine-based, though that’s essentially good enough for me. Ampoules typically have very few ingredients in very concentrated quantities and, as a reminder from my Collagen Cosmetics post, adenosine is a molecule that naturally exists in skin’s DNA and is essential to proper cell function. It has anti-inflammatory properties and stimulates protein synthesis. I love the packaging for this one as well (not shown are the tiny, glass bottles within). I am most looking forward to seeing what the day ampoule can do for me as I have a recurring problem with sebum in my T-zone.

Tosowoong Super BB Cream (50ml, RV $12)

Tosowoong’s Super BB Cream contains a UV protection level of SPF 15 and glides onto skin nice and smoothly for a perfect no makeup look. It works to cover up skin imperfections and enhance skin firmness all at once.

Impressions: When I initially saw this box, I was perplexed by the exclusion of sunblock. Most experts will tell you that sun protection is the absolute best way to guard yourself against the signs of aging. Now, I’m not displeased in the slightest that I was sent a BB cream, but I would have thought that this theme warranted one with a higher SPF. However, taking the season into account (we’re just embarking on Fall) it may be that SPF 15 will do the trick. Either way, I do really like the look of this BB cream. It’s a darker shade than the Missha I use currently, glides on smoothly, blends well with my skin, and leaves a nice, even coverage. The scent right out of the bottle struck me as slightly unpleasant (a little “chemically”), but I noticed that once I rubbed a test dollop on my hand, it dissipated to a nice subtle scent. I prefer this packaging to the Missha BB because, although this looks cheaper, the pump on the Missha can be cumbersome whereas this tube allows you to easily dispense as needed.

Simply When Present Perfect Mask (20g x 3ea, RV $11)

     Simply When Present Perfect Masks are just the thing you need when your skin feels dry, rough, and aging! It’ll deliver intense skin revitalization and firmness in one easy go. Contains adenosine, mango extract, and green tea extract.

Impressions: Apparently I can never have too many sheet masks because the sheer volume I’ve collected over the past couple of weeks assures me that I will never have to go without. You can find my reviews of some of them here. These particular masks should help with firmness and hydrations, which is sure to be necessary and lovely as we get into the colder months and my skin goes from combination to desert wasteland. I really appreciate that Memebox included three of the same mask in this box, as this will really allow me to properly gauge their effectiveness.


Seatree Tibet Mushroom Neck Cream (45ml, RV $12)

Infuse young vitality and suppleness to your sagging neck area with this adenosine-rich neck cream containing various organic ferments such as Tibet mushroom (kefir), pharbitis, paeonia japonica, and lactic acids. Firm up those lines and wrinkles by delivering deep nutrition and brightening up dull, roughened skin.

Impressions: When I first began seeing information about this box crop up online, THIS was the item that got me probably overly excited. While I like to incessantly remind my readers that I don’t yet have any wrinkles (I’m going to milk this one dry!), my neck is a bit of a different story. It’s common knowledge that this is one of the areas that shows the earliest signs of aging, so I am really eager to get a jump on the wrinkling I’m beginning to see there… and beat it into submission. This product is quite lovely, from the pink packaging to the light cream that’s almost a serum consistency. However, it’s not so liquid that it doesn’t provide nice, even coverage when applied. The fragrance is light and floral. This stuff makes me happy.

Overall Impressions

I am incredibly pleased with this box. I paid $46 (including shipping) and purchased it as part of a referral deal, so I received 3 memepoints back as well. The value, according to Memebox is $209. But by my calculations, it’s likely closer to $130, based on current pricing. That doesn’t phase me in the slightest as I will happily be keeping and using every single item in this box.

September Discount Codes

Use 41P2 with my link for $5 off any order

AFFILIATE-9345-SP9Q3-LHJQ for $5 off an order of $100 or more

AFFILIATE-7082-UMNFY-QUJO for $10 off an order of $150 or more


9 thoughts on “Quality Time with my Anti-Aging 3 Memebox: a Superbox #50 Unboxing & Review

    • Before Memebox, I used to be so stingy with my skincare products. But now I feel like I can really have at it! That cream is enormous. I have a feeling I’ll still be using it come next winter 😉


  1. I loved the BB cream which was a surprise because I normally don’t like them, or they break me out or what have you. This one was pretty decent. I didn’t love the box up front, but I am starting to grow fonder especially when I read reviews like this. So helpful, and get better soon fellow wordpress blogstress!


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