Quality Time with my All About Brows Memebox: a Superbox #57 Unboxing & Review

**11/07 updated – this box has been restocked! Not sure how many are available, so get it while the getting is good 🙂 **

**10/28 update – this box is currently available as part of a value set with CPM)**

I received a couple of other boxes before this one (Earth & Sea Cosmetics and Free From Oil & Trouble 4 – reviews to come!), but I had to move this one up in line because I was quick to try everything and more importantly, love everything. So I had to share my findings with you lovelies in case this one pops up as available again. This box was slow to sell and the impression I got of why many people didn’t purchase it was mainly due to the colors being a crapshoot. But I decided to take my chances because brows are one of my problem areas and I will take any help I can get! I typically use an Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz, which is $20 a pop. I really love it actually, but this box was $19 + standard shipping, and I’m sure I ended up paying even less using coupon codes (see below!), so it was a no-brainer to get a whole box of new brow solutions to try out – and I was not disappointed. In fact, I’m going to add my review to the Memebox site as soon as we’re done here  because I think this box is getting an undeserved bad rep! Here we go.

(If you are new to Memebox, I urge you to please enter my GIVEAWAY for a chance to win a box of your choosing!)

All About Brows

Let’s face it. Not everyone is born with a pair of perfect arches!

But, no worries because we’ll take your botched brows to rehab with this expert approved All About Brows Box! Packed with all K-Style inspired eyebrow essentials, this box will give you everything to recreate the signature Korean look with full, youthful brows!

So I mentioned my brows being a problem area. I don’t know who left me alone with tweezers when I was younger, but there should be a hazard warning on those things. I obviously had no idea what I was doing as a teenager, and no one stopped me, so I ended up massively over-plucking over the years and alas, my brows haven’t grown back all that well 😦 I was thrilled to open up this box of goodies to add to my repertoire.

Choco SmudgeSecret Kiss Choco Smudge Eyebrow (5g, RV $11)

Currently on sale for $7 in the Memshop

It’s a mascara for your brows! Highly waterproof and containing panthenol components rich in nutrition, the Choco Smudge Eyebrow offers naturally defined and youthful-looking arches with just one quick smudge!Adds natural color and volume to brows that need a lift. You randomly received either 01 Milk Choco or 02 Dark Choco. Although the above shots look a little light, I actually received the Dark Choco, which is the one I wanted.

Impressions: I’ve seen a lot of people note with confusion and dismay that this brow mascara has shimmer. This is actually not at all uncommon with this type of product, as the shimmer adds dimension; so your brows end up having a more three-dimensional rather than flat look. I really like this stuff. Does it look like it’s high-end? Absolutely not. But it does the job and quite well. I’ve used it on it’s own and it added some fullness and pigment to my brows (which was already a vast improvement), but I like it even more when used in addition to an brow pencil. Of course, this does double-duty by keeping your brow hairs in place as well, which is very necessary for me because while my brows are sparse, the individual hairs tend to be on the longer side (yes, despite my trimming properly – I told you, I have issues).

Brow Cake

Shara Shara I Wanna Eyebrow Cake (4g, RV $13)

Shara Shara’s I Wanna Eyebrow Cake contains two shades – a lighter brown and a darker brown – so that you can mix up the two colors for featuring a perfect shade that suits your very own complexion and hair color. Plus, the smudge proof coating powder and the included diagonally-edged brush makes it easy to apply and long-lasting. This was randomly selected from 01 Dark Grey and 02 Soft Brown. I received the Dark Grey.

Impressions: I was hoping for Soft Brown, but after my initial disappointment I realized that this is actually a much better match for my brows. It also made me realize that both options could really be utilized with a number of different hair colors (within limits) – particularly if you mix the two shades as Meme suggests. I really love the tiny compact because I had not owned a brow powder previously that I could easily carry with me and apply or correct on the go. It’s unlikely that I would actually need to do that, but it’s nice to have the option! The powders are a nice quality that aren’t too heavily pigmented, so you can really build the right look rather than getting STRONG BROW right out of the gate. I wouldn’t necessarily use this cake to shape my brows, but it’s a wonderful filler.


Happy Tool Lady’s Eyebrow Razor (1ea, RV $7)

This is an eyebrow razor for ladies with its attached brush and a heart-shaped mini mirror for necessary fix-ups any time throughout the day. SImply pop it out from your makeup pouch and shape your brows using the razor and the mirror or quickly brush up your clumping eyelashes.

Impressions: Alright, so this thing is pretty cute, but I was slightly terrified of it initially. I had never used a brow razor before and I was convinced I’d go to use the brush end and end up either slashing my meager brows off or severely hurting myself. Quickly use it to brush up clumping eyelashes? You mean, get it near my eye?? That is the stuff of nightmares. No, thank you. But I decided to be brave and actually did really enjoy using this razor, which isn’t deadly sharp thankfully (I can’t be trusted). I’ve used it mostly for other facial hair “touch-ups” rather than brows and that’s been lovely. Nothing worse than a random stray hair popping up on your face, so it’s good to have this in your makeup bag and ready to go to deal with those kinds of emergencies. Nice item that I definitely would never have purchased for myself, but am happy to own.

Pencil & Powder

Style Y Natural Sketch Eyebrow Pencil and Powder 01 Light Brow (0.5g, RV $10)

The Style Y’s Natural Sketch Eyebrow Pencil and Powder work together to define the eyebrow line with a natural-looking, delicate finish. The triangular-shaped brow pencil gives a fine tip for drawing the outline of the brow line while the tip powder delicately fills in throughout the empty spots featuring full, well-behaved arches.

Impressions: I really wish this was a shade darker to match my brows better, but I don’t mind the color too terribly. I think I will use this when I’m going for a softer look and lighter brows are more appropriate. It certainly doesn’t look unnatural and I like that I can now have some variety with my brows. I really enjoy the pencil and powder combo. Much like the brow cake, neither end of this is highly pigmented, so you can really build up your desired look. It’s a nice all-in-one tool as the pencil end is perfectly-sculpted to create a clean shape and the powder allows you to fill in.

Brow Tattoo

Style Y Natural Sketch Eyebrow Simple Tattoo (0.7g, RV $9)

This is a waterproof, long-lasting, sharp-ended eyebrow pen that draws onto the brows with its thin tip and its ability to adjust the color density for a precise and natural-looking tattoo eyebrow.

Impressions: I was a little nervous about this one because tattoo sounds… well, permanent… so I proceeded with caution. But this is probably one of my favorite items in the box. The tiny tip allows for precise application and while the color out-of-the-box seems like it may be entirely too dark, it actually lends a very natural appearance to my brows and is again, something you can build up to the right level of pigmentation. I love, love, love the longevity of this stuff. I’ve pretty much been using it continuously, though it hasn’t needed many reapplications at all. This is my new go-to “I would love to look like I have normal brows even if I’m not wearing full makeup” tool. Very happy to own it.


Etude House Ribbon Scissor (1ea, RV $3)

Incredibly adorable pair of mini scissors for clipping away extra-long brow hair and shaping the overall shape of your brows.

Impressions: As Meme noted, these are ridiculously adorable, and as you can see above, a pretty great match for MemePink. They state “Love me” and I can’t help but! The scissors are better quality than I had anticipated, having seen photos prior to receiving the box. Their “action” is a little tight, but I think that will ease up with use. I had previously been using manicure scissors to tame my brows, but will happily be switching to these, as I think the non-curved end is more effective for the job.

Info CardsOverall Impressions

I think it’s quite clear I was a fan of this box. It contained 6 full-sized items and had an overall value of $53, which is rather low for Memebox’s typical return-on-investment, but I really can’t complain because I still got more than my money’s worth. A lot of people seemed to have found issue with the box not being tailored to either light or dark brows, and I completely agree that would have been lovely. But you knew you were taking a risk if purchasing this one. If I was a blonde, I likely wouldn’t have taken the plunge. But for me, my brows can really handle a broader range of tones, so it worked out. I also enjoy the variety of tools vs makeup. Again, something not everyone appreciated. Alas, that is the luck of the Memedraw. I think it helped that I didn’t have high expectations beyond receiving some new items for my brow arsenal and I was wholly prepared to sell or trade if colors didn’t work out. My skin has been looking fantastic since I discovered Memebox, and with the addition of these items, I feel great about sporting a no-makeup look pretty regularly. Brows are essential, even when all else is bare!

October Codes

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Happy Memeboxing!

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11 thoughts on “Quality Time with my All About Brows Memebox: a Superbox #57 Unboxing & Review

  1. I thought about this box as my brows are not as full as I would like. However, I have red hair, and I was unsure of what colors I would get.


    • It was a valid concern that a lot of people shared.
      I really hope that if Memebox releases a sequel, they have light, dark, and red variations. I think those boxes would be tremendously popular.


  2. I thought this box was a huge let down (to put it nicely), just leftover discounted stuff they didn’t know where else to shove. No eyebrow stencils in an eyebrow box? Seriously? In Asia?
    Handheld razor? Seriously? This week I’m going to post my own review of this box and it will not be as flattering as yours, unfortunately…


    • That’s really part of the beauty with Memebox, the contents’ personal value are largely very subjective. I know these weren’t exactly high-end items (which I think I mentioned briefly in my review), but I wasn’t really expecting that from a $19 box. I have some new, fun brow stuff to play around with and that’s really all it needed to have been to meet my expectations, though I do think some of it – like the tattoo – exceeded those. I agree regarding the stencils and would have really enjoyed that being included in the box. Looking forward to reading your take. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


    • I really love that idea! I was pleased to see they have been including tools in various boxes at least (Makeup Edition 2, Blackheads No More, etc). Really eager to get those and try them out actually.
      Thanks for dropping by! xx


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    • I definitely got lucky with this one, but I received Makeup Edition 2 recently and, of course, got the lightest brow mascara that was available. Figures my luck would run out at some point! 😉


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