A Brief Interlude with my OMG2 Memebox: a Special #32 Unboxing & Review

Nothing says love like when I come home to a surprise Memebox waiting for me on the dining room table – a siren’s song calling to me at the end of a long and stressful workday, promising new cosmetics goodies and unadulterated joy – nothing says love like seeing that and still going over to say hi to my husband first. I hope he appreciates the sacrifices I make on his behalf.

This box was a surprise because it was sent to me by the lovely people at Memebox (thanks Lauren!) and I was quite excited upon opening it because this was one in a long line of boxes whose unboxings I’ve seen online and instantly coveted. Somehow that excitement ended up fizzling a bit for me when I initially dug into this box in person, but I think I got to the crux of my issue  and it actually has nothing to do with the products that made up the contents. It took me a while to put my finger on it, but in looking over the box it dawned on me that this really screams ‘mature’ woman. Between the gold, the lavender, the snakeskin, the wrinkle-balance masks – I kind of felt like this box should go straight to my mom. She would have been thrilled, but alas, I’m definitely keeping a good chunk of these items because once you get past the (probably only odd to me) aesthetics, you get to some killer cosmetics. Is there an OMG factor to them? I really wouldn’t say so. I’ve come to view the OMG series as containing unique/interesting cosmetics ingredients, but nothing that I would call all that weird and funky. A part of me feels maybe this series warrants a re-branding. Maybe make it an Oh! box instead and temper expectations a bit 😉


If you haven’t had enough of our kooky beauty obsessions, take the OMG 2 beauty challenge!

We rounded up some of the kookiest and most unusual beauty trends that took Seoul by storm! From funky makeup trends to cool skin and hair treatments, these fun cosmetic innovations will definitely inspire you to rethink your current makeup routine. Loaded with even weirder, even funkier Memebox cult favorites, this box is a must have for beauty enthusiasts and beauty-holics!


Cristallin Celllulose Mask (28g x 2, RV $10)

These concentrated cellulose sheet masks encourage the skin’s natural recovery function by providing a rich infusion of nutrition to help improve skin’s clarity and elasticity. Plus, the jelly-like texture feels like an octopus wrapped around your face.

First Impressions: Alright Memebox, I feel like you just tacked on that last sentence because someone in HQ decided you need to justify why you’re putting masks in an OMG box. Despite that being a bit of a reach, these look like really wonderful gel masks and special since we typically only get the sheet variety from Memebox. Most gel masks are geared for the eyes only, so it’s quite lovely and luxurious to have a couple for your whole face. Gel masks can calm irritated skin, shrink pores and blood vessels, and lend themselves to an overall soothing experience. This particular variety has targeted ingredients for anti-aging, firming benefits. I’m going to stick these in the fridge before use for the ultimate refresher and really can’t wait to try them.

  Ladykin Vanpir Dark Repair Cream (50ml, RV $50)

on sale in the Memeshop for $25

This Vanpir Dark Repair Cream is a clinically proven skin brightener that restores luminosity, corrects weak moisture barriers, and protects skin from future discolorations. This moisturizer with melanin-inhibiting green tea extracts visibly helps to diminish dark spots and discolorations while restoring clarity and brightness to dull, uneven skin. It also has anti-aging properties to enhance the look of skin by reducing the look of fines lines and wrinkles. It’s infused with Damask Rose, hyaluronic acid, and ummm Dragon’s Blood (?) to get you your best looking skin ever!

First Impressions: The packaging has adorable, little vampire teeth on it, which almost sold me right then and there. I was curious as to how this cream would compare to the Osho and I feel as though Osho came out ahead, in reviewing the ingredients. That cream is formulated without ethanol, benzophenone, mineral oil, alcohol, artificial color or fragrance, while I can’t say the same for the Vanpir (which contains at least half of them, from what I can tell). Now, I’m not a stickler for natural cosmetics, but that is always my preference, as I don’t want to be too harsh to my skin. The hyaluronic acid in the Vanpir instantly piqued my interest, as that ingredient is purported to have healing and anti-aging properties, but I think I will be passing this one on since I do own the Osho and enjoy it. I think my mom would really like this and I’m trying this new thing called not hording everything that comes into my possession.

Milky Dress Bohr-effect Carboxy Gel (1 set, RV $24)

on sale in the Memeshop for $8

Turn back the clock with this Bohr-effect Carboxy Gel! This 2-step facial mask cleans deep down into pores to extract pore-clogging bacteria, and firms and tightens sagging skin. The result? Facial contours appear sculpted and newly defined, lines and wrinkles look nicely smoothed, and skin is moisturized to perfection. Over time, skin’s strength, resiliancy, and volume appear renewed and you’ll see a remarkably younger, revitalized look. Directions: Apply the gel mask onto a cleansed face. Massage a generous amount all over cheeks, forehead, and chin. Place the 100% naturally made Korean paper mask sheet over the face. Layer on a second layer of the gel mask over the sheet mask. Leave on for 10 to 20 minutes. Remove. Rinse with tepid water.

First Impressions: I don’t usually include usage instructions in my reviews, but I had to add this one because I think part of the OMG factor here, is OMG that seems like a process! In all honesty though, I CANNOT wait to put my time in with this product because I kind of love that this will be a bit of a science experiment. Carboxy refers to carbon dioxide therapy and the Bohr-effect is how this CO2 will be formulated. This occurs when the gel is combined with the mask and is supposed to result in the stimulation of collagen and cell activity delays, creation of new cells, smoothing of facial features, improvement in fine lines and wrinkles, and deep exfoliation. Very excited by all this! This item could be considered OMG, but definitely more in the sense that OMG, that’s interesting rather than strange.

Priori Aroma Ac Moisture Gel Mist (100ml, RV $24)

Enriched with bee venom, propolis, sophora roots, balloon flower roots, and Multi Ex Magnotics, the Aroma AC Moisture Gel Mist helps soothe and treat skin troubles and blemishes. The lavender aroma essential oil is also infused for soothing and purifying both your skin and soul.

First Impressions: It’s finally happened. I found a mist I don’t like 😦 I really thought it an impossibility, but I find the scent of this one rather unpleasant. I know there are people out there who have very strong opinions about lavender and I didn’t think myself among them… but… you guys know how much I love my mists! To that end, I think I will be keeping this and seeing if I can get over it. Unlike most of my other mists, which are largely glacial water and aloe based, this one is packed with some wonderful skincare ingredients that not only soothe, but also treat. So it would really benefit me to douse my face in this now and then. I think I may save it for next summer, keep it chilled, and then have it handy for some poolside action. The thought of that already has me liking this mist more.

Seatree Syn-Ake Essence (45ml, RV $20)

This was randomly selected from either the Essence, which is what I received, or the Total Solution. For the life of me, I can’t quite figure out what would be the difference between these two. 

Seatree Syn-Ake Essence contains youth-preserving ingredients, such as Syn-ake peptides, similar in composition to snake venom, and hylaluronic acid to help deliver targeted repair – as needed, where needed. Recommended for all skin types, ages, and ethnicities, it visibly addresses uneven skintone, lines, and wrinkles for a visibly firmer, more radiant, and more supple skin.

First Impressions: Finally, a syn-ake item!! I’ve been dying to try this cosmetics ingredient since first reading about it a few months back. As the description above alludes, syn-ake is a synthetic agent, so not actual snake venom because that would definitely hurt some people. Syn-ake replicates the effects of a peptide that is known as Waglerin 1, which is a component of the venom found in the Temple Viper, a poisonous snake native to southeast Asia. How cool is that?! Syn-ake is designed to work much like Botox, which reduces muscular contractions in the face and reduces cell movement; thereby keeping the skin smooth. The concept behind Syn-ake is that since snake venom causes muscular paralysis, a synthetic derivative of the venom would work to temporarily deaden the muscles in the face to prevent the formation or deepening of wrinkles (source). I feel that I’m at the right age to try this sort of thing. I don’t think I could ever get Botox because I find that it effects your appearance and expression to a severe degree, but this certainly seems like it may be a viable alternative.

Haruen Dorothy Haruen-S (1ea, RV $26)

This volcanic rock rollerball absorbs excess oil, grease, and other blackhead and acne inducers just by rolling it across your skin. Made with 100% volcanic rock, this mattifier controls oil and eliminate excess sebum and shine for a fresh look and longer-lasting makeup application.

Impressions: Unlike the rest, I’ve actually spent extended quality time with this item because after seeing it in the box originally, I purchased one without hesitation when it first became available in the Memeshop. My T-zone is forever and always a moist mess. I’ve won some battles, with the help of some fantastic cosmetics items I’ve received from Meme, but the war rolls on. So I was very interested in exploring an alternative to blotting sheets. I must admit, I was somewhat disappointed and that only has to do with the severity of my oiliness. When I find myself reaching for this at the end of a long day, it certainly does what it’s intended to do, but it takes a few repetitions of rolling, letting dry, rolling again, before my skin is clear. It may help if I remember to use it more regularly, so I’m still giving it a chance and trying to work out the kinks. The concept is very interesting and I had definitely never seen anything like it, so points on the OMG front for that.

Overall Impression

  I did not pay for this box, but it originally cost $29 + shipping. It contains six full-sized products (with more than one of the masks – yay!) and a total memevalue of $154, though it’s $113 when adjusted for current prices. This box was a bit of a mixed bag for me, but overall I found more than half the items to be quite interesting and unique. I think Memebox may have a tough road ahead with this series. On one hand, this level of OMG isn’t enough for some hardcore k-beauty fans that have sort of been there done that, and know of some of the truly bizarre cosmetics out there. But on the other hand, Memebox doesn’t want to alienate what may be a broader swath of their global customer base, who may not want to go too far out there. OMG 3 has already been released and shipped out and that one struck me as very similar to this box, in that the products seem quite good, but somewhat lacking in the weird/funky/OMG department. So if you’re out to try some cool and different cosmetics, I certainly wouldn’t shy away from the OMG series, but if you’re looking for more of a shock factor, you may want to pick up those weirdly wonderful items directly. OMG 4 is already sold out, but you may be able to grab it when it gets closer to the shipping date (Nov 18th) and boxes that people may have cancelled typically pop up.

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Happy Memeboxing!

***This post contains affiliate links. All opinions expressed are entirely my own and I’m under no obligation to Memebox. However, I am a collaborator and have been provided this item for review***


4 thoughts on “A Brief Interlude with my OMG2 Memebox: a Special #32 Unboxing & Review

  1. I’ve been waiting to try that Vanpir cream, but I can’t lie…it’s solely because of the packaging. I would buy anything that came in cute packaging, I’m telling you! I really did like this box a lot. Your review has made me want to dig out my OMG2 products and give them a go! 😉 #kbeautybloghop


    • Haha those little vampire teeth are pretty adorable and I’m a sucker for black as well. Meme has really gotten me on the cute packaging train. I wasn’t into it at all when I first began getting boxes, but once you get a couple of adorable items, you just want to surround yourself with them. I think there’s a shift in perception that happens because cute packaging in Western cosmetics is sort of synonymous with juniors-grade items that you don’t expect to actually work well. Once you realize that’s far from the case with the Korean equivalent… well, I just can’t get enough. Thanks for reading! 🙂


  2. I’ve been debating ordering an OMG box and your post has definitely convinced me that it may be a good idea eventually in spite of the potential issues. The different type of skin care that they have in Korea is just so intriguing to me. Great post! #kbeautybloghop


    • That’s so nice to hear! Thanks for reading 🙂
      I really do think these are a great way to explore some of the more unique Korean cosmetics items, even though some of us are hard to shock at this point 😉


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