All These Things and More – Holiday GIVEAWAY!! **CLOSED**

***Congratulations to our winner, Kate L. from Temple City, CA!!! I hope you enjoy your goodies!
Thanks again to everyone who entered for supporting beautybangbang ❤ ***

**January 13th Update: thank you so much for the wonderful response to this giveaway!! It’s now closed and the winner has been contacted. They have 24 hours to respond before I will have to draw another. I will update this post and gleam widget once the winner is confirmed. Thanks again!!**

The most overreaching lesson I’ve learned since embarking on this beauty journey and starting my blog is that the best gift you can give yourself is time and attention. It doesn’t have to be beauty-centered, but if that’s what you happen to be into (you’re in the right place) then I wanted to pass along some goodies that might facilitate you doing so.
One lucky winner will receive ‘all these things’ and what I hope will be the much-deserved gift of a little focus on self. We’re soon embarking on a new year and if you’re making any sort of resolutions, I hope it involves doing that and all the little things that make you happy ❤

Please read on for details of what the winner will receive as well as entry terms and instructions. This giveaway is open to the US only, but I do plan on hosting an international giveaway in the near future.
This giveaway will run December 20th through January 12th.
Please reference the Terms & Conditions within the Gleam entry widget for further details.

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loracThe Makeup

Lorac Champagne Dreams Palette
Make your eyes pop with the LORAC Champagne Dreams Eye Shadow Palette! This exclusive ultra-luxe palette is packed with seven nude-inspired shimmering Eye Shadow shades that are perfect for any celebration. Cheers to the endless possibilities!

Just want to note that the palette pictured is my own. The winner’s will be BNIB and sealed. I’ve been loving this beautiful palette since receiving it and am so glad that I’ll be able to share it with someone who may not have been able to snag it on Cyber Monday (these exclusives go fast!). As I’ve come to expect with Lorac, the quality and color payoff are fantastic and I adore the subdued and romantic looks that you can accomplish with this little beauty.

lorac lorac2

ideeB Goodbye Oil Pact
The shine-stopping translucent pressed powder blots oil and keeps shine at bay. The lavender shade applies invisibly and works on every skintone. Try it on naked skin or over foundation or touch ups any time throughout the day because the formula contains super lightweight, oil-absorbing ingredients to get you shine-free results.

I’ve already raved about this pact after receiving one in my Free From Oil & Trouble 4 Memebox and again am excited to share something I’ve enjoyed so much.

ideeb pact

‘Highly-Deceiving’, Adorable Liquid Eyeliner Doll
This is a black, waterproof eyeliner with a felt tip applicator. The stem of the applicator also opens to reveal a pencil, so you can tackle both top and bottom lash lines with one product.

I say this item is highly-deceiving because you don’t expect something this cutesy to actually be effective, but it’s one of my most favorite liners. The applicator makes it incredibly easy to apply and the color is JET BLACK. I have to put that in caps because wow, you really need only one swipe to do the job and it stays put until you use makeup remover. It also does’t hurt that the packaging is seriously precious.


Secret Nature
The Secret Nature Skincare

Secret Nature From Jeju Peeling Gel
Made from volcanic clay, natural cellulose components, and the pesticide-free Jeju all from the Jeju Island, Secret Nature’s From Jeju Peeing Gel is 97% pure, raw and directly derived from nature. Its gentle yet effective formula will exfoliate any excess dead skin cells and skin impurities, and work to purify and brighten up the overall complexion as well.

As some of you may know, I have a HG peeling cream, so it’s difficult for me to even look at another, but this one certainly does get high marks and will help one to obtain a glowing complexion. This is chemical exfoliant made largely of all-natural ingredients and so much better for you than the harsh alternative with physical ‘scrubbers’. If you haven’t tried something like this before, I urge you to do so!

Secret Nature From Jeju Serum
Did you know that aloe has four times faster penetration rate than regular water? Secret Nature From Jeju Serum uses Jeju complex from pure Jeju Island and 100% non-additive aloe extracts instead of water to provide rich hydration and restoration to skin. Strengthens skin elasticity and realigns subtle layers of skin for increased smoothness. The organic extracts hydrate and nourish skin with nutrients while also pulling in water molecules surrounding skin.

After ridding yourself of dead skin cells with the peeling gel, this serum will do wonders to invigorate and hydrate your skin. I really appreciate the natural ingredients found in this line, so it should suit various skin types, which is part of the reason I wanted share this with my readers.

The Rest! (bunny snow globe not included)

Lanocreme Manuka Honey Face Masks (set of 5)
These masks are a rich formulation infused with a unique combination of New Zealand natural ingredients including UMF Manuka Honey to intesely nourish and moisturize dry skin. The activity of the UMF Honey, highly recognized for its remarkable, nourishing, and revitalizing properties helps soothe and moisturize the skin whilst Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid promote firmness. Use as part of your skin care routine to give your face the extra nourishment and treatment it deserves. This mask will warm your skin, opening the pores thereby enabling the powerful natural active ingredients to deliver optimum benefit to the skin, promoting a smoother, healthier, radiant, and more youthful complexion.

You guys, I’ve tried a lot of sheet masks and this remains one of my absolute, diehard favorites – THE favorite, in fact. I love it so that it’s genuinely hard for me to let go, but I want to share the wonders of this mask with my lovely readers! Unlike a lot of sheet masks, which are saturated in a watery essence or ampoule, this one has more of a cream base. There’s something about the magical combination of real Manuka Honey from NZ and these fabulously moisturizing and firming ingredients that just leaves my face absolutely radiant. I’m very excited for someone else to try this and report back.


Ariul Stress Relieving Purefull Cleansing Foam
Abundant, cream-like foam bubbles penetrate deep into your pores, cleansing away any makeup residues, skin impurities, blackheads, and dead skin cells piled up and leaving your skin freshly cleaned, moist, and brighter overall.

This is an aromatherapy, foaming cleanser with ingredients including bergamot, lemon, eucalyptus, lime, and orange essential oils. Doesn’t that sound lovely? I thought it a perfect item for a giveaway intended to help you destress and beautify.

BOUTIQE BEBE Hair Salon Argan Oil Essence
A high-quality hair essence offering a real hair salon treatment right in your home, Boutique Bebe’s argan oil essence will instantly deliver nutrition and hydration to deep within, bringing back the healthy glow and luster to your now dry, crumbly hair. 

This is another item that I use personally and really love it for taming frizz or flyaways. It’s a lovely light scent and texture.

Etude House Clean & Moist Green Tea Blendjng Sleeping Cream
A one-time sleeping cream packed with abundant nutrients from green tea cultivated in the Jeju island. It’s highly effective in soothing and moisturizing skin at the end of a stressful day.
Another item intended to help you take away the stresses of the day nourish your skin. You use it by taking out the spoon from its package and separating the handle part of the spoon by breaking it apart. You then use the handle as a spatula to scoop up the pack and spread it evenly over a clean face. This is intended to be applied at the end of your skincare routine and then rinsed off the next morning.

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