Memebox March Discount Codes!

The latest of the Pony collaboration offerings from Memebox – these gorgeous polishes – caught my eye [only $12 for the set of 5 pastels and $10 for the four glitters!], so I thought I’d share that along with some March discount codes.

Happy Shopping!

15% off skincare: LOVEYOURSKIN
15% off makeup: MAKEUPLOVE
$20 off purchase of $100 or more: MARCHMADNESS
$5 off 2+ boxes (in app purchase only): BOXPARTY
15% off 3 or more XO Memebox products (in app purchase only): XOMEME15

Memebox Pony Eyeshadow Palettes

Quality Time with my Oh! My Lips Memebox: a Superbox #79 Unboxing & Review

The moment this box went on sale, I threw my money at the computer screen to the chanting of “Gimme!”. I have serious lip issues in the colder months and was desperate for some new solutions. This Memebox promised all that and more. Did it deliver? Read on to find out!

Ok, YES. I know the suspense was killing you. This box is fantastic and incredibly, still available for purchase!
I would highly recommend grabbing your own and here is why….


Oh my lips! The colder season is comin’ round the corner, but are your lips ready?

Cracked, blistered, and dry lips were never hot in beauty history, (and never hot in your love life!) so do you have all the lip essentials to keep your kisser nice and smooth this winter?

If taking care of your lips isn’t part of your beauty to-do list this winter, re-think your beauty priorities. Most people don’t know, but collagen loss and wrinkles around the lips add ages to your face, and with winter winds and drier climate, lips are more prone to aging and thinning. Scared yet? Don’t fret because we’re here to help you fight against lip-aging with this Oh! My Lips Box. Bursting with lip masks, lip patches, lip balm, and lip-thingamabobs, plus some holy-grail lips colors, this box is the answer to all your winter lip problems. All goodies are made with a bold blend of potent age-delaying, moisture-enhancing, volumizing, and smoothing ingredients to give you the look of beautiful, plump, and youthful lips!

vivito balm

VIVITO Painting Sweet Lip Balm – 02 Berry Farm (12g, RV $24)

This chubby jelly-textured tinted lip balm gives rich moisture and nutrition for dry lips. With a refreshing blend of blackberry, orange peel, grape, cacao seed butter, and more natural ingredients, this cute jelly balm will be the answer to winter’s lip care concerns. It also comes in a cute tin case for on-the-go care!

vivito balm

Impressions: This is a lovely balm, which also functions as a tint. I already had the Grape Farm variety from one of the Thanksgiving Memeboxes and was happy to add to the collection with Berry Farm. Just one more to go! These balms don’t feel overly sticky and add a really nice touch of color to the lips. The color is certainly subtle, but I was actually somewhat surprised at the amount of pigmentation. This does a nice job of hydrating my lips as well and I really adore the sleek packaging. I am a huge Vivito fan since discovering them through Memebox. Each item I’ve tried has been smartly packaged and excellent quality.

lassie'el lipstick

Lassie’el Kiss Me! Glam Up! Lipstick (6ea, RV $6)

These are not one-time, disposable tattoos. They are real pigmented lipsticks packaged into these easy-to-carry lip cards, providing you with 6 different color options to choose from according to your mood, day, and occasion!

lassie'el lipstick

Impressions: When I initially saw this item in the box I thought to myself “ok, they sent as lipstick samples?”. I was not jazzed. Not even slightly. But having read up on these a bit more and also seen one in action, I think these have potential. The colors are all fairly neutral and wearable and I appreciate that these aren’t just one-time use as I had initially suspected. I’m still attempting to come up with the perfect occasion to utilize these, where a standard lippie isn’t preferable and am slightly stumped. But it’s certainly a fun and unique item. If I had younger, female relatives in my life, I might pass these on as I think they would make a great gift for a young girl.

sr liip scrub

SR Lip Scrub (30ml, RV $12)

Exfoliate away dead skin cells and deeply soothese and hydrate dry, chapped lips with SR’s Lip Scrub entriched with a blend of argan oil, tocopherol, vitamin E, snail filtrate, and pearl extracts. The gentle micro-beads soften and smooth out roughened lips for suppler, kissable pout!

sr lip scrub

Impressions: This item is tied for my favorite in the box because it really delivers on my closely held hopes and dreams when I was making this purchase. The micro-beads that are described are totally undetectable. So much so that when I initially slathered on this scrub without even reading the description, I had thought that it was a chemical exfoliant. So you don’t feel any granules (small or otherwise) scrubbing at your lips when you use this, but after 20-30 seconds of gently massaging this over and then rising off… wow… my lips haven’t looked or felt this good in months! As the photo above shows, there is more to this SR line and I am very eager to try the rest.

vivito remover

Vivito Dessin Solution Lip & Eye Remover (100ml, RV $32)

A double-layered Lip & Eye Remover that effectively melts away stubborn point makeup and skin impurities around sensitive eye contours and lips. Make sure to shake the upper and lower layers well together before application. Its gentle blend of lemon grass oil and rosehip oil has soothing and moisturizing effects as well.

vivito remover

Impressions: Another perfectly lovely Vivito product. It’s difficult to get too excited about a makeup remover, but this one is quite nice and effective. It doesn’t have any sort of overwhelming scent, which I always appreciate, and didn’t irritate my eyes at all when I used it, which sometimes occurs even with products intended for that area. I didn’t need to scrub at all as makeup essentially melted off at the touch my cotton bud or swab. I like anything that allows me to be gentle in and around my eye area and this didn’t dry my lips at all, which sometimes occurs when attempting to remove a stubborn lippie. The Vivito items might seem to have inflated RVs (which wouldn’t be anything new), but these are in-line with pricing for these products on sites outside of Meme as well. After using these items, I can see why they aren’t cheap.

 rosemine balm

Rosemine Vitamin E Lip Balm – Mint Tea (12g, RV $7)

Scented with a refreshingly minty, herbal fragrance,the Vitamin E Lip Balm is richly formulated from a blend of vitamin E, ceramide, peppermint extracts, and 5 different kinds of moisturizing esential oils. It coats over dry, chapped lips with a moisture layer to lock in the moisture and to protect against external damage or dehydration.

rosemine balm lip6

Impressions: This is my other favorite item in the box. A lip balm. Who knew? But it’s SUCH  a lovely lip balm! The scent is light and the texture is more gel-like than creamy. I’ve tried too many lip balms to even attempt at estimate and the large majority of them just sort of sit on your lips and don’t do much of anything. This one is instantly and miraculously hydrating and also leaves the pretties glossy finish on your lips. It also last forever. I’ve put it on before I go to bed at night and can still feel it on my lips in the morning. I mean. Come on! I love this stuff. Can you tell? I received the Rose Fairy variety in the My Pouch Essentials Memebox and have been very happily using one at home and the second on-the-go. I was one of those people who was miffed at Meme for including what are essentially duplicate items in boxes that were released so close together, but I take it all back! If you want to include these in more boxes, Meme, please have at it!

photo 5-2 oh my lips

Overall Impressions

This box cost $23 + shipping and contains 5 full-sized items. I can’t say I was thrilled upon first receiving it, but I can honestly say I am now. The Memevalue amounts to $81, though that means little to me – particular as some of my favorite products are the cheapest in the bunch (bodes well for backups!). This box fully delivered on my intent when ordering it, which is that it provided some serious relief to the dry/chapped lips I always get this time of year and made it possible for me to continue my lippie obsession without looking ridiculous in the darker F/W colors and my beloved mattes.
I’m really tempted to pick up another box while it’s still available.

Did you purchase this box? Did it grow on you as it did for me??

December Discounts

If you utilize any of the links above, you will automatically receive $5 off a purchase of $100+ or $10 off a purchase of $150+

In addition to this, you can stack another $5 discount off purchased of $30+ with the following code: FFFH0A

Get $5 off on orders when you buy 3 or more Memeboxes using the code MEMEBUNDLE3

Get $8 off on orders when you buy 4 or more Memeboxes using the code MEMEBUNDLE4

Get free shipping on purchases over $30 on USA only Memeshop items: no code needed!

Happy Memeboxing!

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Quality Time with my Free from Oil & Trouble 4 Memebox: a Superbox #55 Unboxing & Review

I have been itching to talk about this box because it became a favorite soon after I had it in my eager possession, but I wanted to wait until I thoroughly tried everything and could give you some meaningful feedback.

Oil and Trouble I know well. Intimately, you might say. I have combination skin with an incredibly overactive T-zone. The rest could probably be considered ‘normal’, though very prone to clogging. So, trying to find that magical combination of products that would play nice with my skin and not leave me positively gleaming has always been an exercise in alchemy. When Memebox released this 4th installment of their Free from Oil & Trouble series, I didn’t hesitate to throw my money at them.


YES. A thousand times, Yes.

Tried and true—our Free From Oil & Trouble #4 is filled with the newest and best trouble-fighting and oil controlling products!

Turn down the shine and control excessive sebum with our Free From Oil & Troubles #4! This is the ultimate go-to box for covering those pesky little pimples, treating blemishes, and keeping skin matte all day! Our oil absorbing products are proven to work-fast, so that your skin is left refreshed, smooth, blemish free, and healthy-looking!

insobeau Acinc Blemish Spot Solution (15ml, RV $20)

Consisting of half liquid and half pink powder, this Acnic Blemish Spot Solution has a double layer to target skin troubles and red spots. Its mandarin and unshin oil formula from Jeju Island is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, and C for relieving skin redness, lowering stress levels and protecting the skin from possible infections and further damage. 

Impressions: This item was one of the spoilers that was announced in advance of the ship day and it got me very excited because I was already shopping around for a Korean spot solution. As you can see, it’s still mixed up from shipping in the photo above, but this settles to a bottom pink, powder layer and then a clear, oil layer on top. The idea is to dip a cotton-tip straight down and into both solutions and then apply this in thick dots over trouble spots. I really waned to love this and it’s not that I dislike it at all, but I just don’t find that it’s especially effective. I think I was expecting something more akin to American blemish treatments, which have acidic ingredients that really give spots a serious fight. I enjoy that this item is much more natural and seemingly aims to soothe those spots into submission, but I was anticipating something more instant and impressive. I will happily continue to use this item because I’m sure it’s infinitely better for my skin than the alternative I noted above, and honestly it wouldn’t kill me to learn some patience.

Pro You Aroma AC Cream (60g, RV $54)

The Aroma AC Cream is made from Pro You’s special Multi EX Magnotics formula consisting of green tea, grapefruit, machilia, and thujopsis dolabrata extracts, and works to tighten up enlarged pores and control the sebum level of your skin. It also contains various essential oils – juniper berry, lavender, and tea tree – which help soothe and purify irritated skin.

Impressions: I adore the Pro You brand. I’ve learned of their existence through Memebox and that seems to be the only place you can readily find a limited selection of their various lines – unfortunately, this item is not yet among them. I received Pro You products in both my Anti-Aging 3 and Daily Dose of Beauty boxes, and all I have to say is keep them coming!

I have been so eager to try this cream, but I had barely put a dent into my beloved Goddess Cream and I wanted to wait until that was gone before opening another, but my curiosity and unadulterated excitement about this item got the better of me. Most creams/moisturizers are much too heavy for me. My T-zone is a shining beacon before I even finish application and my makeup has no chance of survival. I thought I had found my HG in the Goddess Cream, and by no means does this product take away an ounce of my love for that beautiful, peachy gel… but wow, I think I may have found another HG. I honestly didn’t even realizing a mattefying moisturizer existed outside of my wildest dreams, but Memebox has brought us together. In addition to sebum control – which has been the most impactful for me – this cream is packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients to treat problem skin. Antioxidants help prevent environmental damage, build collagen, help skin heal, and produce healthier skin cells. With this type of ingredient, you really can’t have too much of a good thing. Anti-inflammatory ingredients serve to reduce signs of inflammation, such as swelling, tenderness, pain, irritation, or redness. I have already picked up a backup from a sale in one of the Memebox FB groups, and I’m comforted to know that I won’t be without this gem for a while.

The Skin House Dr. Clear Magic Toner (130ml, RV $25)

Enriched with tea tee extracts, Dr. Clear Magic Toner is a spray-type mist toner which works to soothe and control excess skin blemishes and to balance out the skin’s moisture/oil level for a clearer, healthier-looking complexion overall. Contains mallow flower, hyssop,common thyme, red clay Jijangsu, Ecklonia cava Kjellman in Kjellman & Petersen extract. 

Impressions: This was the first toner I received from Memebox – huzzah! However, my excitement was tempered a bit by the news that this product contained methylparaben. Of course, red flags went up for me, but after doing extensive reading on the subject (including published research), it seemed the consensus was that methylparaben is not harmful in the concentration found in cosmetics, even over time. It’s an anti-fungal element and utilized as a preservative. Having been comforted somewhat  – and not having another toner on hand – I pressed on. I do like a lot about this product. The fact that it’s a mist is incredibly convenient and I find I’m able to distribute it quickly and evenly. I do also think it’s quite effective, in that it calms my skin and also does a nice job of prepping it for the steps ahead. However, I can’t quite get over the scent. I wouldn’t call it unpleasant and it may be some of the thyme notes that I’m getting, along with the mallow flower, which is a skin conditioning agent. Either way, it’s just not doing it for me. After getting all up in my face with the heavenly-scented Ariul mist from the Earth & Sea Cosmetics box, following up with this is just downright unpleasant. I’m using it for now, and I do think it certainly does the job, but I will be moving on once I receive another toner option. Life is too short to deal with funky cosmetics!

Benenet Herb & Bee AC Control Serum (60ml, RV $38)

The Herb & Bee AC Control Serum contains bee venom, which is 75% protein and has proven effective in relieving, protecting, repairing, and hydrating the skin, and also 5 different kinds of herbal extracts from grapefruit, cintron, eucalyptus leaf, sophora root, and clove flower which all help maintain a healthy skin balance.

Impressions: Bee venom works by tricking the skin into believing it has been lightly stung, which causes the body to direct blood towards that area, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, which promote skin repair. In addition – and more relevant to this product – the venom acts to remove excess keratin and sebum, eliminate acne inducing bacteria and block inflammatory agents within skin pores to heal acne lesions. The other, herbal ingredients are largely antioxidants, which we covered above. So all very, very good stuff and yet I was rather taken aback by just how effective this serum is. It really does help to control sebum and treat blemishes, while still leaving my skin hydrated. The consistency is on the thinner-side for a serum and the scent is just  what I would call ‘fresh’. I have already snagged a backup from a Memebox FB group (again), so I am very pleased to have an extensive supply of this hard-to-find item.


Lindsay Linzy Egg Pack (60g, RV $12)

The Linzy Egg Pack is a blackhead and pore controlling cleanser kit consisting of a White Egg and a Red Clay Egg. Firs, the White Egg is made from real egg whites and witch hazel complex, which work to cleanse away any skin impurities clogged up in your pores. Then, the Red Clay Egg containing red clay and NMF complex effectively tighten up enlarged pores for a smoother, suppler complexion.

Impressions: Witch hazel acts as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and astringent all in one, while NMF is a moisturizing ingredient. The foundation of these eggs though are egg whites and red clay; the former draws out oils and tightens skin, while the latter is largely utilized for its absorbing properties. This item was the first spoiler from the box and while I was intrigued and thought the eggs adorable, I questioned the possible efficacy of something so ‘cutesy’. This was the first item I used after receiving the box and man, was I pleasantly surprised. First of all, these eggs – particularly the Red – smell absolutely divine. I truly feel, at times, that the degree to which I will like a box begins with whether or not I’m overtaken by an amazing scent upon opening it. It just helps to start on the right foot! Back to the eggs. These are first and foremost, wonderful cleansers, but they also do some amazing things for my skin that I noticed after even the first use. It’s rare that you find a product that delivers on its claims, but these two, cute eggs really did help to clear out and tighten my pores. A lot of Korean cosmetics brands make variations on this theme, but I can only speak to this set in particular.

Now, I would be remiss if I didn’t include a word of warning. One of my fellow Memebox Addicts and AMAZING blogger/writer, Kelsey from All These Lotions and Potions had nothing resembling my experience with these eggs. In fact, her experience was quite traumatic. So, two decidedly opposing opinions, but that’s the risk you take with skincare… everyone’s skin is different and products may react differently with them. I really should be patch-testing before slathering every hot, new thing that comes along on my face :/ But, in those initial, whirlwind moments with a new love, we don’t want to consider heartbreak!


ideeB Goodbye Oil Pact (12g, RV $12)

The shine-stopping translucent pressed powder blots oil and keeps shine at bay. The lavender shade applies invisibly and works on every skintone. Try it on naked skin or over foundation or touch ups any time throughout the day because the formula contains super lightweight, oil-absorbing ingredients to get you shine-free results.

Impressions: I was so pleased that Memebox included a makeup item in this box and this turned out to be a great one. I had been using the Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Pact and was quite happy with it, but excited to get another variation. I imagined they would be about the same, but the most impactful difference is that the ideeB’s powder is a bit looser and much easier to pick up. Consequently, the application is much easier and it’s nice to have the option to apply with a powder brush rather than just the poof. The compact is slightly larger than the Innisfree, which I prefer as well. The lavender tone the description mentions is so invisible, in fact, that I would be hard-pressed to identify it at all. Honestly, it looks completely white and translucent. But that’s fine with me. I don’t know how well this would work on darker comlexions, but I don’t find that it whitens me at all. Rather, it blends quite nicely with my skintone or makeup and is hugely effective in controlling excess oil throughout the day. I have already picked up a backup for this item as well.

Overall Impressions

This box cost $32 + shipping and contained six full-sized items. The overall memevalue is $161 and the value to me is exceptional. I really adore the great majority of this box, having purchasing backups for half the items already, yea… I think I’m a fan. I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase the next in this series, as it seems to be perfectly tailored to my skin type and concerns.

November Codes

If you utilize any of the links above, you will automatically receive $5 off a purchase of $100+ or $10 off a purchase of $150+

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Get free shipping on purchases over $70 on USA only Memeshop items with the code FREESHIPPING

Happy Memeboxing!

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Memebox Updates: the Long-Awaited Innisfree Box and Haul of Fame Makeup Edition by Hello Pretty Bird (also codes)

**UPDATE – Sad news in Memeland – they have had to cancel the Innisfree box, refunding everyone who purchased it and awarding some memepoints for the trouble. It seems they have had numerous issues with the supplier who, ultimately, was not able to meet their deadline… again. They advised that they have cut off this relationship, so we will see if we may be able to get Innisfree products in our boxes in the distant future, but right now it’s not looking likely 😦 **

It’s been one of the most-requested brand boxes and honestly, one of the few I have any interest in: the Innisfree box is now available from Memebox! If you’re into natural ingredients, effective skincare, and a brand that cares about their environmental impact, Innisfree is certainly worthy of your attention… and hard-earned money 😉

Innisfree Store

an Innisfree store

Jeju Island

Jeju Island

Clean, fresh air, soft warm sunlight, fertile healthy soil… Thinking you’re in paradise? Nope, you’ve just opened your Innisfree Box.

Innisfree is Korea’s first cosmetics brand dedicated to delivering clean and pure beauty from the pristine island of Jeju Island! As the global leader in “green beauty,” Innisfree boasts all natural, and eco-friendly products to ensure 100% honest and 100% pure beauty ingredients. Praised and loved by celebs and makeup artists alike since the year 2000, Innisfree has built a respectable reputation for itself with its famous line of cosmetics and skin care!

Enjoy all of Innisfree’s cult faves with this box to enjoy immaculate beauty!

Also announced today is a Makeup Edition Haul of Fame from Hello Pretty Bird. I really adored her review and choices of products and promptly grabbed a few for my very own. They are available in the USA shop at a savings of up to 45%. HPB is also running a giveaway for these items, so be sure to enter!

October Codes

If you utilize any of the links above, you will automatically receive $5 off a purchase of $100+ or $10 off a purchase of $150+

In addition to this, you can stack another $5 discount with the following codes:A3L5 or 2MYC or…

Get $5 off on orders when you buy 3 or more Memeboxes using the code MEMEBUNDLE3

Get $8 off on orders when you buy 4 or more Memeboxes using the code MEMEBUNDLE4

Get free shipping on purchases over $70 on USA only Memeshop items with the code FREESHIPPING

Happy Memeboxing!

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Quality Time with my Daily Dose of Beauty Memebox: a Superbox #48 Unboxing & Review

photo 4 (2)

All my blog posts seem to be coming from bed lately. This time around, I am recovering from surgery (and doing quite well, thanks!) It’s not all that coincidental, as Memebox proves a fantastic diversion when you’re unwell and recuperating. Though is it ever a bad time to receive these goodies? It was a welcome surprise when I found DHL at my door, having delivered this parcel from the lovely people at Memebox. I’ve seen some unboxings and reviews of this particular box floating about and was very intrigued by the contents; so I am thrilled to get my hands on them personally.

To ensure everyone is caught up – Memebox is the #1 beauty box provider in Korea, and arrived here in the US and other countries just recently. They strive to bring us only the most trusted, best-loved Korean beauty products at everyday prices. Korean cosmetics are renowned for their high quality and efficacy. I’ve learned firsthand the stark contrast between Korean cosmetics and those I’ve purchased in the US. Memeboxes come in a variety of themes and price-levels. It’s very easy to fall hard once you get a taste of all they have to offer.

This box is currently out of stock, but sold for $29 + shipping. It contains eight full-sized products, each intended for a different day of the week (with 2ea on Tuesday and Thursday). This is fun concept and here is how Memebox breaks it down:

Makeup Mondays: Beat Monday morning blues! Treatment Tuesdays: Give yourself the ultimate skin pampering session that is fit for a queen! Weird Wednesdays: Surprise yourself with crazy beauty who-know-whats! Therapy Thursday: Give yourself a therapeutic relaxation session! Funky Fridays: Glam up and let loose! Wrinkle-free Weekends: De-stress and erase the years off your face!

On to the contents!

[Mon] Cheek Room Eye Shadow (5g, RV $8)

This was randomly selected from 03 Honey Pink or 08 Gold. Cheek Room’s Eye Shadow feature soft, amazing velvety texture, rich pastel color, and long-lasting and crease-free wear. It also boosts high levels of adherence and blend-ability for featuring most naturally blended and non-smudging color radiance that lasts all day long.

Impressions: I received the Honey Pink color and am quite pleased at that. It’s a soft, neutral tone that still has some punch due to the high shimmer content. This is a nice, every-day/all-over shadow, but would also make a good highlighter. The texture is velvety smooth and, consequently, so it the application. The Memespeak above can get a little repetitive, but I must agree that this item does have staying power. Based on the description, I would have expected a makeup item that was a little more daring, but I have a feeling this will become a staple.

[Tue] Sally’s box Delight Hydrogel Mask (25g x 3, RV $13)

Buzz-worthy hydrogel mask featured in Get It Beautybox by Memebox in Korea! Comes in Kiwi, pear, aloe, peach, banana, acai berry, strawberry, lemon, broccoli, pomegranate, carrot, and paprika. Some key ingredients are rose, moss, rosemary leaf, peppermint leaf, lavender, chamomile, and green tea extracts. These are meant to hydrate and nourish tired skin.

Impressions: I am a sucker for sheet masks and have been wanting to try Sally’s box (not a sentence I expect to utter all that often). The packaging is adorable and declares “I want you to be happy” 😀 The box contained three mask varieties: Delight Collagen, Delight Ceramide, and Delight Panthenol. Collagen I have some familiarity with and those nuggets of wisdom can be found in my Collagen Cosmetics Memebox review. The other two terms I was not familiar with. Ceramides apparently are lipids that are a major component of surface skin structure. Whenever our skin is dry or irritated, we are oftentimes lacking in ceramides. Replenishing these restores the skin’s protective barrier and leaves us less susceptible to environmental factors. Panthenol is often found in hair products, but also skincare. It is a penetrating moisturizer that is absorbed and then converted into Pantothenic Acid – a B complex vitamin. Panthenol assists skincare products in retaining water as well as absorbing water from the air, aiding in moisturization. These sound like absolutely perfect items to take into the Fall and Winter seasons. Having had to deal with being in the hospital for a couple of days and restricted from using any skincare products (torture!), I am incredibly eager to try one of these tonight and will report back.

[also Tue] D’ran Aqua Wonder Intensive Renewing Serum (45ml, RV $43)

The glacier water complex used in the Aqua Wonder Intensive Renewing Serum delivers intensive moisture an nutrition by absorbing quickly and deeply into the skin. When used after emulsion application, it’ll leave your skin shining with a natural, supple glow.Some key ingredients are Glacier water, Panthenol, and fermented soybean extracts. This product is meant to have whitening and anti-wrinkle properties.

Impressions: I love the packaging of this item. It’s sleek and a size that’s not too small, but one that would be convenient for travel. I noticed there is a mirrored finish on the interior of the cap, so this really could be used on-the-go, if need be. The scent is heavily “fresh” – almost like room deodorizer – though not unpleasant and it dissipates as you apply the product and it absorbs. I will be pleased to add this to my serum regimen this winter. Overall, I think Tuesday’s items fit the description, though I don’t necessarily think serum when I hear the word treatment – an overnight pack or mask might have been nice.


[Wed] Yu Choo By Me Steam Silk Hair Pack (1ea, RV $9)

Currently on sale at $15 for a package of 3 in the Memeshop

Effective hair steam treatments can be expensive, but fret not because Memebox has got you covered. This Steam Silk Hair Pack contains argan oil, olive oil, and coconut oil – three ingredients renowned for their deep nourishment and restorative properties. Unlike skin, hairs do not have the ability to recover and renew. Steam Silk Hair Mask is an intense, 15 minute treatment that gives you silky, beautiful hair that turns heads! This product is sold at professional salons in Korea and fairly new to the web.

Impressions: This sounds like a lovely hair treatment, but I would have expected something a little more out there based on the description. Either way, this will be a welcom addition to a pampering sesh. Also, I can’t help but think back to this Simpson’s episode every time I read the brand name, so I’m already a fan.

photo 4

[Thurs] Grinif Rawganic Jajoba Golden Oil (50ml, RV $36)

‘Rawganic’ refers to non-processed, purely natural ingredients. This Rawganic Jojoba Golden Oil contains over 98% pure, organic jojoba oil and works to deliver intense hydration and nutrition to extremely dry skin types by renewing the moisture/oil balance. It’s a multi-oil with a lightly absorbing texture and a subtle lavender oil fragrance.

Impressions: I’m not really getting the aforementioned lavender scent notes, but really do love the fragrance of this oil. It’s herbal without smelling of medicine. It also has a lovely consistency that doesn’t leave your skin sticky, as with so many other oils I’ve tried. I have a feeling I will largely be using this on my hair and body, though I’ve recently read about the multitude of benefits to be garnered by using oil in your skincare, so I may venture out of my comfort zone and attempt that as well. I’m quite happy to have such a natural item included in the box and I think it absolutely fits the bill as far as the Therapy Thursday description because just the scent alone is like aroma therapy, which I’m finding rather soothing. Aaaah.

[also Thurs] Eglips JolieBeBe Lip Treatment (15ml, RV $8)

Enriched with shea butter, refreshing lime scent, and moisture rich aloe vera complex, the JolieBeBe Lip Treatment delivers instant hydration and nutrition to your dry, chapped lips.

Impressions: Maybe there is something wrong with my nose, but again I am no detecting the aforementioned scent – lime, in this instance. The fragrance is a very strong vanilla, almost cake-batter kind of scent. It’s not unpleasant, particularly for something you are putting on your lips. You might as well pretend it’s something delicious. I have to say, I really wanted to love this item because I’ve been in need of a lip treatment, but I don’t feel as though it’s done all that much for me. I think I will try it again once I receive the lip scrub I ordered from the Memeshop. Maybe my lips were a bit too much for this little guy, so I’ll see how it fares after a good scrubbing.

[Fri] Croquis Belgeum Lipstick (3.2g, RV $20)

With this unique lipstick, there is no need for multiple lip produts anymore. Lip essence, lipstick, lip tint,and lip gloss come together in a single lipstick. It offers a long-lasting, glossy, and vivid lip color all at the same time. Randomly selected from 01 Campari Orange, 02 Sex on the Beach, or 03 Pink Martini.

Impressions: Well this is, indeed, unique. The package is shaped like a lipstick tube, you twist for the pigment, which comes out in cream form. I found that it was best to apply this with a lip brush, which really begged the question as to the practicality of the packaging. I think it may have been better-suited for a nice, compact pot, but can also see how that may not have made it as conducive for a grab-and-go. As you can see, the color out of the tube is incredibly vivid. I received the Pink Martini shade, which probably wouldn’t have been my first choice, but I love that Memebox gives me a chance to experiment with colors I wouldn’t necessarily choose for myself. The lipstick goes on somewhat sheer, so you have the opportunity to really build it up if you don’t want to go full on neon. Very fun and fitting to the Funky Friday description.

[Weekend] ProYou S Wrinkle SC Renewal Ampoule (50ml, RV $96)

Currently on sale in the Memeshop for $56

This face serum dramatically reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines while improving skin elasticity and firmness. Most representative from ProYou’s widely acknowledged anti-aging S Wrinkle SC Renewal line, this ampoule dlievers deep nutrition, improves skin elasticity and firmness, treats signs of fine lines and wrinkles, and rejuvinates the skin by controlling the skin’s moisture/oil balance. It’s free of paraben, alcohol, mineral oil, artificial coloring, artificial, fragrance, and triethanol, while packed with various wrinkle care components. Infused with adenosine, EGF, and amino peptides, this potent formula works to give the appearance of smoother, more revitalized skin.

Impressions: I received the ProYou S Wrinkle Cream in my Anti-Aging 3 box and this seems to boast the same amazing ingredients, but in higher concentration because this is an ampoule. Please check out that review for an outline of the fantastic properties inherent in these ingredients. I am very excited to have received this ampoule. Including this, I have tried three ProYou products to-date and have found them to be of wonderful quality and very effective. It’s reassuring that they are so natural and I’m very pleased to have received so much of this line through various Memeboxes. I don’t have many fine lines or wrinkles to speak of yet (knock on wood), and was tempted to share this with my mother, but I can’t bear to part with it! This item certainly is in-line with the box description as far as erasing years off your face.

 Overall Impressions

I really enjoyed the variety of items in this box. There really is something for everyone and something to address any number of wants or concerns. The Memebox-dictated value of this box was $233 – quite high. We can safely say that at current Memeshop prices, the value would fall to at least $193, but overall you really can’t beat it with a total box cost of ~$36 (including standard shipping). I look forward to more quality time with these items!

October Codes

If you utilize any of the links above, you will automatically receive $5 off a purchase of $100+ or $10 off a purchase of $150+

In addition to this, you can stack another $5 discount with the following codes: A3L5 or 2MYC or…

Get $5 off on orders when you buy 3 or more Memeboxes using the code MEMEBUNDLE3

Get $8 off on orders when you buy 4 or more Memeboxes using the code MEMEBUNDLE4

Get free shipping on purchases over $70 on USA only Memeshop items with the code FREESHIPPING

Happy Memeboxing!

***This post contains affiliate links. All opinions expressed are entirely my own and I’m under no obligation to Memebox. However, I am a collaborator and have been provided this item for review***

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Memebox Promises and EPIC October and It’s Making Me Anxious (also codes) [Updated Continuously with New Box Releases & Sales]

I mean, I’m mostly just ridiculously excited, but the prospect of the amount of money that’s bound to be spent is looming over me. It’s alright, I have an arsenal of justifications at my disposal because Memebox really does bring such tremendous quality and value to the table.

For those that aren’t yet in the loop – Memebox is the #1 beauty box provider in Korea, and arrived here in the US and other countries just recently. They strive to bring us only the most trusted, best-loved Korean beauty products at everyday prices. Korean cosmetics are renowned for their high quality and efficacy. I’ve learned firsthand the stark contrast between Korean cosmetics and those I’ve purchased in the US. Memeboxes come in a variety of themes and price-levels. It’s very easy to fall hard once you get a taste of all they have to offer.

To start off EPIC October, they are running a fabulous 72HR sale in the shop. Items from OMG 2, Cacao Cosmetics, & Superfood are now available and for terrific prices!

I personally grabbed the Haruen-S Volcanic Rock Rollerball and refills for $13 and $14 respectively. I did not order OMG 2, but I think it’s safe to say this was the sole truly “OMG” item in the box and I’ve been so eager to get my hands on one since learning of its existence. It’s a volcanic rock ball that you roll over you skin to combat sebum – so you would use it in lieu of blotting papers or powder when you get oily. From everything I’ve read and viewed online, it’s quite magical and I can’t wait to try it!

Memebox has also released their first boxes for the month and they are rather tempting: Petit Treasures, Blackout!, and Apple Mojito. Of course I snagged myself Petit Treasures on the spot. Apparently CUTE is now a thing for me… a really vital and needful thing. Who knew.

Here is a link to all purchasing options, including value sets for which you pay only $6.99 in shipping and get upgraded to express!

October 8th Update – New Boxes!

Released today are Hair Salon and Dirty Gal! Boxes. Here is a link to all buying options – you have 24HRS to get VIP pricing on these and save up to $9! Remember, value sets also get you express shipping for just $6.99, Please use my links and codes below for additional savings!

dirty gal

I am very tempted by the Hair Salon box because I am forever fighting frizz and Dirty Gal! is likely to have some great skincare products with interesting textures.

 Ongoing through October 9th is the Halloween Sale for shoppers in the US

Some very nice items are on offer here at great prices. I’m a huge fan of the Missha BB Creams (the Memeshop is offering a nice selection of tones! These are oftentimes limited to just #21 and #23) and previously shared my experience with the Dewytree Black Sheet Masks. This time around I picked up the It’s Skin Cleansing Oil as I was missing that first, important step in my cleansing process that so effectively removes makeup.

The Weekly Sale [week of 10/6] is All About Lips!

So many lovely lippies on sale here! I grabbed the Lip Manicure in Deep Plum, which I’ve really been wanting to try.

Alright Memebox, it’s not that extreme. Dial it down a notch. I am, however, really pleased that what used to be VIP pricing is now available to all and for longer than a few hours. At least that’s the case for these boxes. It seems that Memebox is experimenting with various new release models throughout the month. I’m a fan of this one, in particular (though the 5 memepoints was very nice as well). I grabbed all three of these boxes on the spot and am not often inspired to do that with new releases. But these really spoke to me… and they said “you DESPERATELY need us in your life”.

Up for grabs is My Pouch Essentials, Oh! My Lips, and Cleanse & Tone and they will ship on December 8th. Don’t forget that with value sets you only pay one shipping charge of $6.99 and get upgraded to express. Please use my links and codes below for additional savings!

Here are the details on these boxes. Do they tempt you as much as they did me?

A well-stocked makeup bag can take you from the office scene to the party scene, and from daily life to a weekend getaway with just one go! Bursting with daily beautiful essentials, tested and approved by us, this box has the just the right products to give you perfect touch-ups throughout the day, or help you dramatize your look! No more lugging around heavy makeup bags full of unreasonably bulky products, just carry this box with everywhere you on-the-go for your prettiest look everyday because we got these this box-full of handy goodies down to a tee!

Oh my lips! The colder season is comin’ round the corner, but are your lips ready?

Cracked, blistered, and dry lips were never hot in beauty history, (and never hot in your love life!) so do you have all the lip essentials to keep your kisser nice and smooth this winter?

If taking care of your lips isn’t part of your beauty to-do list this winter, re-think your beauty priorities. Most people don’t know, but collagen loss and wrinkles around the lips adds ages to your face, and with winter winds and drier climate, lips are more prone to aging and thinning. Scared yet? Don’t fret because we’re here to help you fight against lip-aging with this Oh! My Lips Box. Bursting with a lip masks, lip patches, lip balm, and lip-thingamabobs, plus some holy-grail lips colors, this box is the answer to all your winter lip problems. All goodies are made with a bold blend of potent age-delaying, moisture-enhancing, volumizing, and smoothing ingredients to give you the look of beautiful, plump, and youthful lips!

Walk the streets of Korea, and you’ll see that it’s all about flawless, glowing skin. And while impeccable Korean skin has been receiving lots of attention world-wide, it’s the notion that multi-step cleansing, toning, and prepping the skin prior to makeup application to achieve flawless skin that captured the hearts of many beauty junkies.

With this box, you’ll see that the mythical Korean cleansing routine is not actually a fable, and that the mysterious application techniques aren’t so mysterious after all. All products are gentle to use, even for the most sensitive skin types, to dissolve away even the most stubborn makeup, and extract all despicable pore-cloggers! The results? You’ll have sparkly, gorgeous skin that glows from within!

October 13th Update – New Box Releases

New Memeboxes have been released today and, of course are tempting as always. Up for grabs are Makeup Edition 3, Wish Upon a Mask, and Brighten & Correct. All ship on December 10th. Here is a link to all the value set options, which get you express shipping for just one shipping charge of $6.99. Save even further with my links and codes below!

I’ve purchased Makeup Edition 2, so think I’d like to see how that box pans out before purchasing this next one. The mask and brightening boxes I will probably snag a lot sooner though. I have some sun damage on my forehead that is screaming for some corrective lotions and potions and you can’t really go wrong more masks. What do you guys think of these new releases?


Hold on. Let’s all take a second to open up our makeup bags and inspect what is going on in that jungle we call our makeup bag. If you’re like us, it’s most likely overflowing with old mascara, cracked eyeshadows, dry lipsticks…and a long list of stuff that should have been thrown out last month.

Updating your look doesn’t have to cost a fortune! Give your makeup stand a good cleaning, and fill it up with the best K-Beauty makeup products of 2014! Brimming with top quality skin perfectors, , eye makeup essentials, lip loves, and much, much more, this will be the BEST makeup box you will ever receive in your life. We promise.

When skin doesn’t look as good as you want it to, wish upon a mask for blissful skin happiness!

You can do the A to Z of skin care perfect skin, but one really good facial mask can do all that, in just 10 minutes! When skin gets flushed, cracked, or looks not-so-good, these masks do a blockbuster job of transforming dull, dry, and flakey skin into some sort of smooth radiant miracle. Sure you look stupid for maybe…10 minutes? but hey, it’s like having a luxurious facial in your own bathroom! We say it’s totally worth it!

Try our top mask picks, brimming with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, for an extraordinary skin makeover!

How to kiss dark spots, age spots, hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone goodbye!

While make-up trends are fleeting, clear and dewy complexion will never be out of style!  We tapped into what skin tone brightening and skin tone correcting skincare essentials the trendy ladies in Korea (skin care experts, we swear!), are stocking up on this season, and we’re sharing their skin care secrets with you!

This season, lighten up age spots and dark spots with gentle yet effective spot lighteners, even out blotchy and red skin tones, and give your skin a clear-as-a-crystal radiance and glow! No matter how much concealer and makeup you slather onto your face, if skin is splotchy and spotted with imperfections, no amount of makeup with do the trick! Attack your problems from the root to achieve a true radiance!

October 17th Update – New Releases and 2 + 1 (Free Colorbox) Deal!

Memebox is out with a fantastic deal on three Colorboxes today – Electric Brights, Jewel Tones, and Pastel Hues. There promises to be 4 full-sized products in each box and you can purchase them for $15 individually or snag all three for $30 + a single standard shipping charge with free upgrade to express. Petty fantastic deal! I’m most excited by the Jewel Tones, but the others could be fun to play with as well or give as gifts. These will ship on December 16th.


Colorbox #4 Electric Brights
Neutral shades are timeless, and coral lipsticks are flattering, but now is the time to turn up the notch with bold, electric colors!

New innovations and crisp colors makes these bold-colored goodies wearable for daily application – and so much more gorgeous, especially when you want to highlight a particular feature of your face. Or, wear these dashing colors with an otherwise neutral face for powerful dose of beautiful color!

Dare to explore the rainbow with electric, vivid, crazy-colorful beauty essentials that will get you from plain Jane to party princess in no time!

Colorbox #5 Jewel Tones
Whether you consider yourself fair, medium, olive, dark, or anywhere in between, this box full of rich, saturated jewel hued goodies that are universally flattering and will look good on virtually everyone!

Think dark wine reds, deep purples, gorgeous emeralds, and more decadent jewel tones – this beauty box will satisfy your every chromatic whim. Sneak some of these precious stone tones into your fall season makeup and beauty for your chicest look ever!

Colorbox #6 Pastel Hues
Thinking pastel shades are for wallflowers? So cliché. This season, Jordan-almond pastel colors have gone totally badass and totally edgy!

Wear these universally flattering pastel perfections on the eyes, lips, and face to brighten up the complexion and add a mouthwatering punch of color! Depending on how much you layer on, you can go from girl-next-door to full on vamp for a wide range of looks! With a pinkish pout, soft pastel eyes, a simple wash of color on the face, there’s virtually no room for error! We’ll show you how!

Also released this week are the 1st Anniversary and Pumpkin Pie boxes. Of course I had to commemorate my time with Meme by purchasing the Anniversary box – it has been a magical whirlwind after all. If you have any interest, I wouldn’t waste any time because inventory is low on these! Pumpkin Pie also sounds delectable, though I do wish they released it earlier in the season. Both boxes ship on December 12th.

memebox_1stanniversary thumbnail_pumkinpie_2

Hurray! We made it! In celebration of Memebox’s 1st year anniversary, we’re launching our 1st Anniversary Box! To make this box the BEST box ever and ensure the highest quality possible, we meticulously picked out only products that past our 1st and 2nd level screenings! This ultimate K-Beauty box is bursting with the most talked and most wanted K-Beauty buys – everything from skin care, makeup, hair, plus more beautifiers that make it super simple to look drop-dead gorgeous! Perfect to give as a gift for the coming holidays, (or perfect to give as a gift to yourself), this box contains everything tailored to your K-Beauty needs! 1st year anniversaries only come once, and we’re gonna make sure that it makes a mark in K-Beauty history!

This beauty recipe takes pumpkin pie to a whole new level! With a drizzle of beautiful, a sprinkle of gorgeous, and a whole lot of amazing, this Pumpkin Pie Cosmetics box contains all the yummy, beautifying ingredients that you’d find in a pumpkin pie! October and November calls for a big o’l pumpkin celebration, and while you probably won’t be thinking about the beauty benefits that pumpkins while you’re devouring a delish pumpkin pie, you’ll want to hoard all the pumpkin that you see this season once you discover the AMAZING beauty boosts that they give! Plus, the other yummy ingredients that consolidate the pumpkin pie will seriously get you hungry for more beauty!

October Codes

If you utilize any of the links above, you will automatically receive $5 off a purchase of $100+ or $10 off a purchase of $150+

In addition to this, you can stack another $5 discount with the following codes:A3L5 or 2MYC or…

Get $5 off on orders when you buy 3 or more Memeboxes using the code MEMEBUNDLE3

Get $8 off on orders when you buy 4 or more Memeboxes using the code MEMEBUNDLE4

Get free shipping on purchases over $70 on USA only Memeshop items with the code FREESHIPPING

Happy Memeboxing!

***This post contains affiliate links***

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Quality Time with my Anti-Aging 3 Memebox: a Superbox #50 Unboxing & Review

I write this from my sickbed where this lovely box was just hand-delivered to me by my even lovelier husband who picked it up from the post office for me. Of course, it made me feel instantly better. Must have been the Tibetan Mushroom. It just sounds like it should have magical properties.

This was one of the first Memeboxes I had purchased, as anti-aging was a top priority when I determined to focus on myself and my skincare. I was not disappointed!

Yes, I'm opening and trying all this in bed.

Yes, I’m opening and trying all this in bed.

 The box contains six full-sized products. Let’s take a look at each one, shall we?

Pro You S Wrinkle SC Renewal Cream 

(100g, RV $96 – in the Memeshop currently for $56)

The regenerative power of EGF, peptides, and adenosine support natural cell renewal to improve skin structure and enhance the overall look of skin. Peptides nourish the skin and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles as firmness and elasticity are restored. Free of paraben, imidazolidinyl urea, triethanolamide, alcohol, and artificial coloring. Skin is left renewed, smoother, and more radiant. Contains adenosine, EGF, amino peptides, kerasgen.

Impressions: I very much like this cream’s texture. It’s well… creamy, without being heavy like the Dermahouse Collagen Firming Cream. The scent is a barely-there, fresh fragrance and it absorbs very well and quickly with a clean finish. I mentioned in my review of the Collagen Cosmetics Box that adenosine was my new jam. I’ve now very excited to see that listed as an ingredient in any of my products. This one also contains EGF – epidermal growth factor – which is said to stimulate cell growth. Peptides are the building blocks of proteins and one important protein that begins to break down as we age is collagen. Peptides can signal our body to begin producing collagen again. Yes, please! Kerasgen I’ve largely only seen used in Asian skincare and it’s supposed to help the skin restore it’s natural defenses and keep it looking supple. This truly reads like a powerhouse of ingredients and I’m very excited to begin using this cream regularly.

Pro You Lip & Eye Wrinkle Spot Cream

(15g, RV $30 – in the Memeshop currently for $18)

This product features a blend of powerful anti-aging ingredients created especially for the eye and lip areas. It helps to reduce the appearance of deep and fine eye wrinkles from the first application and diminishes the appearance of lines, crow’s feet, and other skin creases around the eyes and lips. Advanced technology leaves the delicate eye-area and lip-area looking firmer, softer, smoother, and years younger. Reduces the appearance of fines lines and wrinkles around the eye and lip areas. Contains adenosine, actiflow, and peptides.

Impressions: This item has a very unique applicator, so you squeeze out some product and then use the little pad to massage into the offending area. For me, this will fall into the preventative measures category. I’m quite eager to begin using it, even though I don’t yet have wrinkles or sagging (knock on wood). I do hope to keep it that way for a while and this should certainly help. We covered most of these ingredients above, but Actiflow was new to me. Apparently it’s rich in oligosaccharides purified from yeast and remodels the capillary network by stimulating the neovascularization and by increasing the capillary resistance. In plain English terms, I believe this is actually supposed to reduce the pooling that can lead to puffiness and bags. After researching this a bit, I will definitely be applying this to my under-eye area and seeing what happens. Stay tuned!

Pro You Multi White & Wrinkle Ampoule Dual Set

(2ml x 8ea, RV $48 – in Memeshop currently for $28)

This potent whitening and anti-wrinkle formula helps to restore the skin’s radiance and delivers a firmer, tighter, and more toned appearance. It also strengthens even the most fragile skin textures, softens facial contours, visibly minimizes fine lines and deep wrinkles, and unveils skin’s youthful radiance. This is a day & night ampoule set made for addressing different skincare issues – controlling sebum and enlarged pores during the day, and maintaining skin elasticity overnight. Both ampoules work to fight signs of aging with their adenosine-based formula for treating fine lines and wrinkles and offering a lifting effect to the skin.

Impressions: Unfortunately ingredient information for this item is lacking beyond the fact that the ampoules are adenosine-based, though that’s essentially good enough for me. Ampoules typically have very few ingredients in very concentrated quantities and, as a reminder from my Collagen Cosmetics post, adenosine is a molecule that naturally exists in skin’s DNA and is essential to proper cell function. It has anti-inflammatory properties and stimulates protein synthesis. I love the packaging for this one as well (not shown are the tiny, glass bottles within). I am most looking forward to seeing what the day ampoule can do for me as I have a recurring problem with sebum in my T-zone.

Tosowoong Super BB Cream (50ml, RV $12)

Tosowoong’s Super BB Cream contains a UV protection level of SPF 15 and glides onto skin nice and smoothly for a perfect no makeup look. It works to cover up skin imperfections and enhance skin firmness all at once.

Impressions: When I initially saw this box, I was perplexed by the exclusion of sunblock. Most experts will tell you that sun protection is the absolute best way to guard yourself against the signs of aging. Now, I’m not displeased in the slightest that I was sent a BB cream, but I would have thought that this theme warranted one with a higher SPF. However, taking the season into account (we’re just embarking on Fall) it may be that SPF 15 will do the trick. Either way, I do really like the look of this BB cream. It’s a darker shade than the Missha I use currently, glides on smoothly, blends well with my skin, and leaves a nice, even coverage. The scent right out of the bottle struck me as slightly unpleasant (a little “chemically”), but I noticed that once I rubbed a test dollop on my hand, it dissipated to a nice subtle scent. I prefer this packaging to the Missha BB because, although this looks cheaper, the pump on the Missha can be cumbersome whereas this tube allows you to easily dispense as needed.

Simply When Present Perfect Mask (20g x 3ea, RV $11)

     Simply When Present Perfect Masks are just the thing you need when your skin feels dry, rough, and aging! It’ll deliver intense skin revitalization and firmness in one easy go. Contains adenosine, mango extract, and green tea extract.

Impressions: Apparently I can never have too many sheet masks because the sheer volume I’ve collected over the past couple of weeks assures me that I will never have to go without. You can find my reviews of some of them here. These particular masks should help with firmness and hydrations, which is sure to be necessary and lovely as we get into the colder months and my skin goes from combination to desert wasteland. I really appreciate that Memebox included three of the same mask in this box, as this will really allow me to properly gauge their effectiveness.


Seatree Tibet Mushroom Neck Cream (45ml, RV $12)

Infuse young vitality and suppleness to your sagging neck area with this adenosine-rich neck cream containing various organic ferments such as Tibet mushroom (kefir), pharbitis, paeonia japonica, and lactic acids. Firm up those lines and wrinkles by delivering deep nutrition and brightening up dull, roughened skin.

Impressions: When I first began seeing information about this box crop up online, THIS was the item that got me probably overly excited. While I like to incessantly remind my readers that I don’t yet have any wrinkles (I’m going to milk this one dry!), my neck is a bit of a different story. It’s common knowledge that this is one of the areas that shows the earliest signs of aging, so I am really eager to get a jump on the wrinkling I’m beginning to see there… and beat it into submission. This product is quite lovely, from the pink packaging to the light cream that’s almost a serum consistency. However, it’s not so liquid that it doesn’t provide nice, even coverage when applied. The fragrance is light and floral. This stuff makes me happy.

Overall Impressions

I am incredibly pleased with this box. I paid $46 (including shipping) and purchased it as part of a referral deal, so I received 3 memepoints back as well. The value, according to Memebox is $209. But by my calculations, it’s likely closer to $130, based on current pricing. That doesn’t phase me in the slightest as I will happily be keeping and using every single item in this box.

September Discount Codes

Use 41P2 with my link for $5 off any order

AFFILIATE-9345-SP9Q3-LHJQ for $5 off an order of $100 or more

AFFILIATE-7082-UMNFY-QUJO for $10 off an order of $150 or more